Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Speaking of labels............................

Life is back to normal. HA - as if that word even exists in my volcabulary. They say change is good for growth and well since no two days are allike - does that count????

I thought I would share the orange bicycle fabric with you that took me five hours to find the other night in Houston. There were two colorways.  I bought all that was left on the bolt of the orange background, although she did say she had another bolt and I saw it out the next day.  But I also bought 1 yard of the other colorway - a pinky background.  It is very cute and will make some good bags or whatever I finally decide to make.

Bicycle fabric

I had to laugh because I got a notice from a local quilt shop since I've been home and they had this orange bike fabric in their e-mail!!!!

Here's an update on the pet mat situation.  I got two more done myself.

Two more pet mats
And two from Mary - already made!!!!!   Thanks Mary!

So what is the importance of labelling?  I was going to sew all day with the Monday Maniacs so I thought I would check through my stuff to see what was prepped.  When I came home from PEI, I never unpacked those bags that still had prepped projects in them.  Going to a retreat shortly and those bags can be just whipped into the car - no prep necessary or very little.

I opened up this bag to find all this.

Hmmmm - some blocks, some fabric, some squares
 Nothing was labelled. Good thing I have a good memory.  There were 41 blocks, two center squares to make one more block - I goofed and had cut one too many. There was extra fabric (but not enough) to make the outer frame for the missing block and three pieces that I was potentially going to use in the quilt and a big hunk that was border? backing?

I put the black, red and light blue fabrics in the flannel bin - they were not going to be used for this project. The extra center was put in the flannel scrap bin. After seeing how much of the brown print was there - this had been purchased for the border and the binding - not enough for a backing.  That left the last block to be completed.  There wasn't enough of that green to make the block frame.

However - I made a quick trip to the stash room and found the missing fabric.  I cut the piece, framed the block and now they were ready for the layout.
The missing fabric
This quilt was NOT planned.  It just happened and so I had only so many with blue frames, so many with green and so many with brown.  But I lay them out many times and finally found a configuration that used all the colors so none would be beside each other.

The quilt all laid out
 Once that was done - I picked up the blocks in rows and LABELLED them.   Now it was ready to sew at Monday.

The blocks are in rows that are labelled!

I did manage to get the top together, but it isn't pressed yet and I have to cut the borders.  Then it will go in the pile of stuff that is going to the retreat.  I am going to try and only take three bags of projects.  My problem is that at the last minute - I start winging stuff in the bags. I'll see how it goes.

I'll show you the quilt later - no time to take pictures last night.  I did a quick trip to the grocery store. Thought I would read for a bit and I had one of those nights.  I just crashed. I didn't even manage to get up for dinner. That doesn't happen very often, but when it does - I'm usually gone for 12 hours.  I guess it was all the excitement of last week, back to the gym and spending the day with the Maniacs - my body just said - enough is enough!

I HATE transferring books to my iPod.  I should just transfer them to my phone, but it is bigger and heavier to carry around while listening.  But seriously - the process to transfer the e-books is a pain and each time, I have to figure it out again.  I know - I should write a note, but then I would lose the note so what is the point of that. It is easy to download the book to my computer - I have no problem with that part. I can't seem to remember how to transfer the book to iTunes (File - add a file!) and then I have to transfer it from iTunes to my iPod. (Drag and drop).  Now why does it have to be so complicated.  If I were using an Android device - I would just hit the transfer button on the OverDrive software and poof - it would appear on the device. But not so with Apple products.  Their proprietary process is just CRAP!   Hmmm - are there any non Apple devices like the iPod????   Maybe since I wrote the process out - I will remember for the next time.

Speaking of iPods, I just have to laugh.  You see there are many people at the gym who use their phone, or iPods to listen to music while they work out. I don't but that is my choice. They usually have their device in some kind of holder so they dont' have to carry it around.  But there is one guy who brings his iPad.  Yes - picture this - he is trying to pick up two free weights in his hands to take to the bench.  But no - he has an iPad in one hand. Then he has to position the iPad so that he can lay down, still be plugged in and do his weights.  Seriously?????  He looks like an idiot and what would take him five minutes, now takes ten!!!!!

Now I'm off to work today and I have a feeling it is going to be crazy.  I had much stuff that has to be reviewed from last week, things to prepare for the next show and a whole of other stuff.  That is what I know about - what else is waiting - well I will see.

Have a great day!!!!!



  1. Elaine, Does the overdrive app not work on the ipod? You should be able to just log into the your account from the app and download the book and play or read from there.

  2. Helen Anne is correct - you should be able to use the app and download directly ontoyour iPod. Otherwise,not sure why you have that extra step - I use the transfer button on Overdrive and in one step the book is downloaded to my iPod. Make sure you have your iPod set up in itunes to manually manage your music.

  3. OH MY GOD - Helen Anne and Rose - you have made a liar out of me!!!! My settings are on manual - always have been. The setting is also engaged that iTunes start when the iPod gets connected but that never happens. Now iTunes was open when I pushed the transfer button and lo and behold, the files are transferring. Very slow compared to the way I do it - but then I spent so much time trying to make it work that this way is probably faster. I guess iTunes has to be open in order for the transfer to occur. I thought it was in the past, but perhaps not. Thanks!!!!!