Friday, November 20, 2015


I am the most emotonal person in the world   (OK - not really - but I cannot help but cry at a funeral).  I absolutely dread going to a funeral or a visitation even for someone I don't really know like the husband of a friend.

I am fine until the moment I walk in and see the family members. Then I start blubbering. I remember going to a funeral of a young girl who had passed very suddenly.  She was an only child and when I spoke to her parents at the visitation, they were so calm and collected. They didn't shed a single tear - well maybe they did at the service. And there is me - blubbering all over the place.

And sometimes the situation can be very awkward.  Let's say there is someone that you know from one aspect of their life. You are part of that person's life but just for one aspect of their life - like a hobby  - so they are an acquaintance, not really a true buddy.  You go to the visitation and you are the only one from your group. After chatting with the immediate family, there is no one left to talk to. It is best to go in numbers - at least there is someone to talk to and that takes my mind off why I am there - or at least I stop blubbering!!!!

All that to say that yesterday I went to the visitation for Eleanora. She was a part of our Monday Motivator group for many years.  She fell ill a couple of years ago and we saw less and less of her as time went on and she became focused on getting better so she could spend time with her grandson.  We did visit her occasionally at her home.  Anyway - I was very glad that I went to the visitation as I did not get to the visitation of another Monday lady who also recently passed away and I feel bad about that.

I finally got around to unpacking - more or less - the box of stuff that I collected while I was at Market. Only because I needed to get to the business cards that I collected.  And look what I found - a fabric license plate.  Wow - when I got home, I already had this one. I must have purchased it TWICE - DUH!!!!!  No worries - I owe a few people a couple of plates still.

One more fabric license plate

Here is a quick preview of a new project that I'm working on.  Remember those strips that I had at the retreat???   Well - never got anything done with them so now it is time to work on them. I won't reveal the project until it is done - but it is going to be a knock out!!!!

New project started
This is made with the new Northcott Stonehenge brights that are to die for!!!!!   Six different colors - five gradations of each.  Oh yes - I'm in love!!!!!!

I was on my way to work yesterday - no I was on my way to the visitation yesterday when I spotted this car ahead of me.  WHOA - do you think they have spacial issues?????   I grabbed my camera that was on the front seat and snapped this shot while we were stopped at the traffic light.


Now if that van had a standard transmission and a new driver - I can understand, but I rather doubt that van was standard.  I mean there were FLASHING lights in the back window - one said STAY and the other said BACK.

Let's just say that there is so much going on right now - that I barely have time to think.  So much to tell you, so little time and there is only so much I can load you down with in one day!!!!  

What did you think of my bomb shell yesterday???   I will have to take pictures of my kitchen - either DH and I are skirting the issue and being very tidy since it will be pretty obvious who is making any mess - if it's not me - it must be him.  Or it was M who was making the mess.  Now with no third party involved, we are much more accountable!!!!!    And the fridge - I've never seen my fridge stay so clean for an entire week.  I'm in heaven!  I"ll take pictures to show you.

On that note - I have to get the day started - well who am I kidding - it started at least 4 hours ago - but time to move to the next task on the agenda.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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