Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Elm Creek - September Reveal

Well it was a wild summer for some of the ladies in the Elm Creek class. I gave them 10 blocks to do over the summer - good thing we did not go with the original 30 as planned!!!!   Show n Tell was a tad skimpy!!!  But here they are....







A few of the others are going to have a bit of catch up to do if they want to keep on track. Of course I was NOT ready for the class either and only had five of the ten new blocks sewn together. I hope to get all the blocks done by tomorrow and get the new instructions posted. It is very time consuming - not just sewing the blocks - but choosing the fabric, cutting and then rewriting if necessary for the others. But we are HALF way through the book. There are 140 blocks and we have got 70 done (or I will have by the time I get these last five sewn!!!)  That is a great feeling. 

They are going to be beautiful - all of these quilts. Can`t wait to see them done!!!    Now we have to come up with some creative settings to really show case the blocks. 

I am trying to run TWO bright fabric exchanges at the same time. Well - it was bound to happen, but one person got on both lists and wasn't supposed to be and one person dropped out. OH NO - that means that I am left holding the bag for THREE slots since I was supposed to be a participant as well. Can`t change the numbers as some people have already bought and cut their fabric. Well - suck it up and just buy what I need - I`ll figure out what to do with scads of BRIGHT fabric later. And Ronda to the rescue - Ronda is going to take over one of the slots - so I only have to do TWO. 

A local store (Sew -Sisters) was having a sale. I had received the e-mail in the morning. Once my Elm Creek class was over - I was in the car on my way to get as many as I could find that fit the bill. I think I did OK. Each person is required to submit SEVEN fabrics - all different colours (predetermined)

NINETEEN fabrics purchased at one store

I was missing TWO - so took my bike out in the afternoon and got the other two.  Can you spot which ones???
Twenty-one fabrics for the exchange.

Now I have a bit of cutting and sorting ahead of me, but no worry - should be fun coming up with some project in which to use those fabrics!!!!

And I ran into a cyber friend yesterday. When I was in the quilt store - a lady (whose name I never did get!!!) came up to me and said "I finally get to meet you". She faithfully reads my blog!!!   So nice to put a name to someone who has been making comments!!!!!    

Well I must run - this blog is late (I have lots more to show, but no time!!!!).   I MUST get stronger pain killers today. I CANNOT sleep at night and even though I slept in this morning - I NEEDED a power nap. And now I am running LATE!!!!!!!!    CRAP - this knee thing has to get FIXED - I need my sleep!!!!!   And why does it feel like a knife is being shoved in my knee ONLY when I lay down - no other time!!   GRRRRR!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!


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