Monday, September 5, 2011

High levels of creation!!!

Who knew you could get so much done when you are focused!!!!   And there is a BIG surprise in this post - well for a couple of people anyway!!!!

Top of It's a Bling Thing  DONE

Backing and binding for It's a Bling Thing - DONE

Now hold onto your hats folks - yes - I actually completed ANOTHER quilt of MY OWN. Ah - but which one you ask??????   Have a look...................................

The BIRTHDAY quilt - DONE!!!!!
 The story behind this - well - two years ago - it was a milestone birthday for me. My friends got together and made friendship star blocks and it was assembled into a quilt. It had gotten partially quilted and then Carol ran out of time and gave it to me partially quilted. And there it sat for two years. I decided enough was enough - I need to get some of these projects done. And voila - the quilting is done!!!!!

Close up of the birthday quilt!!!!

And notice the BINDING is on. I even had to make the binding!!!

The birthday quilt on the quilting machine

Yes - I cheated and loaded the quilt on the long arm even though it was partially quilted. At first I was going to do it on my semi-industrial. Then I thought - that will be a pain in the butt - so loaded it up and it quilted up like a charm!!!!!  So the pile of quilts to be bound gets higher!!!!   There are now FOUR!!!!   I've never had that many ready to bind before.

And I finished a book yesterday (that I started the day before). Unfortunately the books are NOT audio so I can only read the book!!!!   Drat!!!!!   But even with the books - I am trying to tidy up. I read one book from my book shelf and then one book from the library!!!! After I read my novels - they go in the "give away" pile.

My reading book shelf (the bottom two shelves are DOUBLE rows of books - the top is only partially doubled)

I think it is a good compromise. And means I have a LOT of reading to do before I make a dent in these shelves. And of course - I am entering the "read" books in my new database which I love!!!!   Still have to go back to get the previous years in - but that will come.

Can you imagine how much time I will have on my hands when all this organizing is complete??????   Wow - I'll be able to read/quilt that much more!!!!   But it all takes TIME - TIME!!!!!

Anyway - I also finished a customer quilt yesterday. I TOLD you I was busy!!!!

Customer quilt

Carol gave me this ornament last week.

Cool bike ornament

And while I had originally planned to go cycling/geocaching today, I have decided not to. First off - my knee is hurting despite the fact that it did not bother me last night at all!!!!   But I also need to reassemble my bike - it is still in the box from my trip and I have decided that I am on a quilting roll right now. I have a MONSTER to quilt today. It is so big - I am wondering if it will fit on the machine???   Yes - it will, but it is HUGE. I haven't measured it yet.

Oh yes - I found the perfect thread for the It's a Bling Thing and maybe - just maybe when I get the MONSTER quilt done - I can sneak that one on?????

Thread for It's a Bling Thing

Oh yes - I am well on my way to getting another quilt done - borders, binding and backing. Hopefully tomorrow you can see that. Depends on how the day goes!!!!

I would just like to mention that when I get a project done (quilted or the borders or whatever) I am tidying up and putting everything where it belongs. I never used to do this and there would be scraps or whatever hanging around. Now - it all goes away!!!!!   I LOVE it.

Have a great day!!!!


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