Saturday, August 1, 2015

Little Free Libraries

It's been a very long (but productive) two weeks.  It's been a great opportunity to solidify ties with family and was very refreshing to see how everyone is working together to make the best of a difficult situation. Who says you can't love your family!

I will be heading home later today - yeah.  Can't wait to get home - I have so much to do and just want to dive in right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember the other day, I posted the link about the Little Free Libraries?  Well I see that there are Little Free Libraries in Toronto.

And I found this very interesting article about the "bad" side of the Little Free Libraries.  There is always someone who gets their undies in a knot about everything and anything.

Two people sent me pictures of Little Free Libraries that they are connected with and I thought I would share them with you.

Barb's SIL

It's his first wood working project and the library is ouside the local school that their children attend.  How how fun is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karen sent me a picture of the Little Free Library that is on her street.

Little Free Library

I think it is a fabulous idea. If you do a search for Google Images for Little Free Library, it is amazing how creative some of the libraries are.

I thought I would share a couple other things with you this morning.  Here is a link to some photos from Quilts at the Creek 2015 - the recent quilt show at Black Creek Pioneer Village.  What an exciting show. I MUST get that on my calendar for next year and attend in person. I almost made it by taking a class on the Friday.  One small step at a time.   I see in the photos that Sherri Hisey (from Border Creek Station) did a walking tour of the MANY mystery quilts that people completed for the show.  Sherri designed the quilt.

There is a picture of a group of people standing in front of my quilt and Sherri is giving a little chat. Would so love to hear what she had to say!  

Sherri (by the post facing the group) chatting about MY quilt

As crazy as this sounds, you can buy tickets and sign up for classes at the Fall CreativFestival.  The dates are October 15, 16 and 17.   I am not teaching any classes this year. Somehow the deadline came and went and we were just not organized. And I'm OK with that. I did check out the classs schedule and there are some great classes.  Sign up early so you aren't disappointed.  And for those that say "oh this one is in the city and I don't drive".  Last year, I took the GO train and it was a dream to get there.  No parking woes, the GO train takes you right to the Convention Center - no need to walk outside.  Note - it is in the NORTH building this year so for those that say "oh I don't want to go down all those levels" - this one is up top!   Watch those dates - the event is earlier in the month of October, earlier in the week - runs Wednesday to Saturday and is in a different building at the Convention Center.

And last but not least - I leave you with the latest of 50 ways to keep a quilter happy while on vacation.  It has been a riot collecting pictures for this blog series and I'm not done yet.

Guess I better get moving as I have to finish packing. One more aunt to visit to deliver some afghans and then off to see Susan so we can chat our heads off about our Row by Row experiences this summer and best of all - we get to trade stuff.  Can't wait.

Have a great day!!!!


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  1. Sherri actually did a lecture in that building, as did several others. So they all saw your quilt. She may have used it as a sample?
    Pat C