Sunday, August 9, 2015

Do you see what I see????

AHA - the mystery is solved.  Remember that picture from yesterday about the thread on the serger?

Why is all that thread like that????
Turns out it was Sparky who did that.  She is a PACER and a WANDERER.  If I had to compare her to a human, she has advanced Alzheimer's!   Apparently, she had gone downstairs (even though she is NOT supposed to) while I was on vacation. She must have stepped over or close to the serger (she just barges over and through everything rather than go around) and somehow the thread got attached to her.  So as she wandered the basement and then upstairs and wandered around the table, that thread was unwinding!!!!   That is hysterical!  Can you just see that happening??  DH saw her and had to follow the thread to unwind it from the furniture. That is equally funny!  Nothing like a good laugh to start the day.

How about a scary moment? I am out for my walk again this morning. This time, armed with the camera. We got past the "scary zone". This is the only area where I have seen the coyotes.  Even though I know they run through the entire forest. We didn't see the coyotes, but we saw a cat and a field mouse in that same area.  I was thinking if the cat feels safe, then the coast is clear.  As we were exiting the off beat trail onto the main path, I turned back and the two coyotes were there behind us!  I don't think we are in any danger as the two dogs are sticking to me like glue. They used to wander, but they have no intenton of that at this point. Even Sparky who is a wanderer is sticking real close.

I snapped a couple of pictures and then we continued on.  As I exited another off beat trail, the darn coyotes were on the MAIN PATH.    By the time I got the camera in my hand - this one had started trotting away from us!   Next week, I take a different lens with me!

Coyote on the main path in the forest
 He went into the wooded section that runs behind our house and stood there watching me!
Just watching!
 The lighter coloured one is a bit harder to catch on film

Running across the path

He is there - watching................
My neighbour, Rhonda sent me this picture that someone took (I don't think it was Rhonda) at the end of our street.  There are houses mere meters from this fire hydrant.

Domesticated? coyote

You get a better idea of the size of them from this picture. Thanks Rhonda

I am not afraid, but I walk with all my senses on high alert. The last thing I want is for one of them to spring out at us.  I know - a sane person would probably avoid the forest as per the signs that are posted advising citizens to avoid the forest at that time of day. Well  - that forest is my sanctuary and I'll be damned if I am going to let a couple of coyotes spoil it for me. Perhaps I need a GUN!

Have you noticed what is happening in ALL of our neighbourhoods in Canada???    Something is growing - like mushrooms!

Give up????  

 Election signs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

I know - politics is boring - well for most of us.  But for us quilters - no this is a very exciting event. Why????

Well - these particular signs are boring to us - they are made of plastic and put on a wire frame.  Just going to end up in the land fill.

Plastic election signs
 However - THESE signs are perfect for us. And notice how they conviently have TWO signs back to back?????

Signs made from corregated plastic
 If you have no idea what to use this for - they are perfect to cut (easy to do with a utility knife) and use for inserts in the bottom of a quilted tote bag. In particular, they are very useful for the Chubby Charmer bag.

Speaking of Chubby Charmer - one can NEVER have too many of them.

Yep - there are SEVEN of them - all are special and can't be given away!
I have a feeling that a few more are going to be in the works based on what I found at the office. (Office - that sounds so bizarre to write OFFICE is the context of THE office that I work at!)

Now I don't think I will be collecting any election signs this time around as I still have quite a few in the garage from the last election.

Election sign stash

However - there are election sign etiquette and rules that one must follow.

The Federal election will be held on Monday, October 19. The polls will likely close at 8 PM.

If you care to check the internet, most cities have by-laws regarding these election signs. But my guess is that they would be pretty standard????   This information came from Toronto.

Removal of election signs All signs are required to be removed 72 hours after the election and if they are not removed from City property, an ML&S Officer may remove the signs at a potential cost to the election candidate. 

It is the responsibility of the owner of the private property to remove the election signs on their property or advise the candidate of their required removal.

After the election - you can remove ANY signs that are on your property (remember - you want the RED party) or call the candidate to remove them (only if they are BLUE). And anything on public property is up for grabs 72 hours after those polls close. Just sayin................

And YES - I promise to run a Chubby Charmer class this fall.

My time to teach classes is going to be limited to four days a month (for the most part).  I will be posting a complete list of my classes hopefully this week as most of them are pretty much set now.

On that note - I have loads to get done today and I had best get started.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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