Monday, February 13, 2023

Lightbulb moment

And now it's back to regular work!

I still have a bit of work to finish the follow-up e-mails, and then it's heads-down in Studio B and the computer to get everything else done that needs to be completed this week. Another busy week, to be sure, and more classes this weekend need some prep work! 

Lexi was a bit miffed at me in the morning because her usual spot to lean against the wall was occupied with stuff that needed to go downstairs. 

Lexi's leaning spot is occupied

MOM --- this isn't my spot!

So I had to move it as she wasn't looking happy! I need to get it all downstairs, and I hope during Monday sewing while I listen to them chat, I'll get it downstairs and sorted out. It's going to take a while!

It was a glorious day out, and after my calls, I had to go outside for a walk. It's a crazy year, as there is practically no snow. Well, the only place there is snow is where it was piled up from shoveling. The roads are dry, although the sidewalks have ice in some spots because of a sloped area, and the melting snow flows onto the sidewalks. The forest has icy paths, but they are somewhat decent. 

A beautiful day for a walk

This isn't normal for this area. And I feel "slightly" guilty that I wasn't here to shovel the only significant snow we had, especially when I'm the one that usually shovels. Life happens!

Have you shopped for lightbulbs lately? I stopped by the hardware store to buy some. What happened? There used to be rows and rows of lightbulb options, and I had to walk around several times before I spotted them. The options were few, and there were only a few of each option on the shelf. Do people not replace lightbulbs anymore? 

And we used to buy 100W or 60W or whatever. Well, that has changed, and now you buy 8W to get the equivalent of 60W. One must read the packages very carefully as things are different. 

Lightbulbs are different!

I ended up buying the classic instead of the relax one. Let's hope they work because they are not cheap either! 

Classic lightbulbs

When I got home, I decided to take a wee break, sit in the living room, and read for a bit. How long will it take the girls to follow me? Oh -- not long. And within minutes, they are up to their antics! I swear they are a pair of attention seekers, and if we ignore them, they go crazy! They know I love to watch them when they are silly, and they never fail to disappoint. 

MOM ---are you watching us?

But when someone stops in the front yard, they are all eyes out the window! They are just too cute for words! They both need good grooming, and Lexi is starting to lose her undercoat, so I better get the rake out and start brushing her. She hates it, but there's no option. I've started clipping Murphy when necessary. She doesn't mind! Not that it helps to prevent her from bringing in leaves, but she looks less messy. A little less messy! 

MOM -- there's a dog on our lawn!

So here's something hard to come by. I've been using this book for a mousepad, and I've literally worn the rough surface off. That's about three years of using it as a mouse pad. 

My makeshift mousepad

Now I have a REAL mousepad!! I got a couple of them since I have two computers, so that is exciting!!!!

My new mousepad

Well, I'm off to spin class this morning. It's always "fun" after being away from it for a week, but once I'm on the bike, it'll be OK. 

I heard something yesterday that gives me a reason to pause, which EVERYONE should be thinking about as well. On one Zoom call, we were chatting about the homework pictures, and the person said they really enjoyed what they were doing. I asked them WHY? A statement like that needs some follow-up. The answer was very telling. They had reduced the number of classes they were attending, which reduced the amount of work they had to do. That freed up time for them to thoroughly enjoy the project they were working on. It also allowed time to mess around and experiment without stressing about getting something done. 

Those are WISE WORDS, and as I mentioned way back, as you sign up for various things, you need to think about your time. Do you have time to do that project justice? It's not about filling your calendar with classes that you struggle to get done; it's about enjoying the process. And no one should be sewing to meet the deadline. You should be sewing because you enjoy it -- it's a HOBBY, not a job. It's a job for me, so I have to sew. 

I think those were the best words I've heard in a long time, and seriously, as you sign up for anything in the future, you should evaluate - "do you have time for this?"  Let's face it, almost all classes will be rerun, and you can do it later when you can ENJOY it! 

It's a jam-packed week this week, so it'll go fast, I'm sure! 

Have a super day!!!!!


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  1. I agree the lightbulb options seemed to have shrunk at most places. In theory the LED bulbs last longer so need to be replaced less. In some of the areas of our house that seems to be true in others not. Also there are many light fixtures that are LED that don't have bulbs when they are done you replace the fixture how wasteful and pain.