Monday, February 20, 2023

It's raining pizza!

 After the rush of the UFO clubs in the morning, I had a most peaceful afternoon, which was long overdue! 

I accomplished loads in the tidy-up area -- it wasn't that things didn't have a home, although there were a few new things; I wanted to focus on the stuff rather than just throwing it in its place. That is now done, and the place looks decent. It shows what a few minutes each day can do and then an hour to finish. So EASY when things have a home! 

Here's that table that was covered with stuff. The embroidery machine is now set up and ready to go, and everything has been put away!

My embroidery machine is ready to go!

That makes me feel very happy. I did a bad thing because I sorted the fabrics on the table and put them in groups. These are projects that I need to be working on now as they are samples for work. They are in baskets on a small table; I should pick one daily to complete them. 

Samples to make for work

So this is NOT the best solution, but one that works and it's tidy in the corner. I should grab one right after Monday's sewing and get to work! I prefer to work on something other than this on Monday as I spend too much time yakking and not focusing! I need easy stuff to sew on Monday. 

The wall hanging went on the design wall, and I added all the selected batiks. 

Auditioning fabric

I wasn't focusing on it, but it was in the back of my mind, and as I glanced at it occasionally, I removed a few. 

Whittling down the choices

I need to cull it down to two - inner and outer borders. There are six fabrics left, and all six of them work! I need to check how much of each fabric I have to see if it will work for either border. I'm thinking of that lighter one along the bottom as an inner border and then choosing one of the others for the outer border. More decisions to make today. 

This was my UFO, and I was supposed to have the two borders on. Well, I should have done this process a month ago, and when I tried to do it in a panic the night before, it didn't go well. I just looked at it and said -- I'll cough up the $10. It goes to a good cause, so I'm not upset. Just disappointed in myself (but NOT for long) that I didn't do this before. 

It is NEVER a good thing to rush something because it always comes back to bite you! 

My main work table looks like this. Most of that needs to be ripped out -- yes --- some things seem good at the time, but when done, they are not! This will be a good project for today. I need to fix that border. Again -- another UFO that I tried to sew in a hurry, and the border that was supposed to be 89½" turned out to be something like 93" in length? Seriously??? My seam allowance can't be that bad! I'll figure it out today. Obviously, math is not my strong point! 

Projects to work on during Monday's sewing

In unpacking stuff, I have three more quilts from Diane to add to the pile. I would love to take a month off and quilt nothing but those quilts. That will NOT happen, so I need to start sneaking one or two between customer quilts. But that's not going to happen until at least April. March is a total write-off, as I'm away for a good part of the month. 

Community Project quilts

And I got another customer quilt done, and it's ready to be trimmed this morning. What a fun quilt --- I could use those weird batiks to make this! I think it's a Bonnie Hunter scrap quilt. 

Customer quilt - DONE

DH says he doesn't read my blog, but I wonder. Remember I mentioned the two things sitting on the kitchen table? Well, one was a broken holder for his cell phone, and I don't know if it was there for me to buy a new one or for him to buy a new one. Anyway, it mysteriously disappeared the other day, leaving only his glasses needing replacement or repair. Well, the glasses are now gone as well. But he never reads the blog -- Never! Good morning DH!!! I think he reads it to see if I mention him! I have strict rules concerning that! 

Only the glasses remain

The girls and I are alone this week as he's off to some exotic place. OK -- not so exotic, but not on this continent. It's only for a couple of days -- the girls (I mean LEXI) will be lost without him! 

And the weirdest thing happened when we were walking yesterday. I was with Lexi, and we were in the forest. Something fell in front of us, and I thought it was a leaf. Nope -- that's a piece of pizza! I didn't see any squirrels in the trees, but I bet it belonged to a squirrel, and as he jumped from tree to tree, it must have slipped out of its paws!! 

Manna from heaven! 

I'm reading a fascinating book. It's called The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E.Schwab. WOW --- do NOT make a deal with the devil or, in other words - be very careful what you wish for! It's a long audiobook, but I'm over 50% complete and really enjoying it. How does it end? Does the curse get broken? 

Well, it's Monday sewing, and no spin class because of the holiday. But I've been racking up the KM from walking. There's been no interesting pictures of the African landscape - just an endless ribbon of highway with greenery on the sides! I'll be sure to share if I see something. 

If you want to join the Barn Star Sampler, let me know via email. The book is available directly from the designer - Shelly Cavanna. I should pull fabric for it today!

Now here's a novel concept. Shelly is running a sew-along on her website. It starts next month. What if we all join her sew along and compare notes afterward? I might like that! For those of you who have expressed an interest, let me know what you think about that, or would you rather do it with me? I'm not making you choose, but we could still have a couple of group sessions to compare notes since we would be lost in the group she leads. 

On that note, I'm out of here! 

Have a super day!!!



  1. You are making it really hard to keep saying no to the Ban Star quilt ☺️. When I first saw the pattern, I said oh that looks fun, but then my inner voice said no your sewing calendar is filled, and everytime you mention it I do the same thing, today my inner voice says hmm you are making good progress on your projects let’s look at the plan and see if the Barn Star quilt fits. You are an enabler 😉, hmmm maybe I could make it with a Precut, ☺️

    1. I know what you mean. I'm trying to ignore my inner voice as well since I have so many projects still.

    2. I emptied a project bin yesterday so I am in for the Barnstar, pulling from my stash.

  2. I am wondering what holiday Canada has today? In the U.S., it is Presidents' Day, so both countries have a holiday today.

    1. We have Family Day here, but not in all of the provinces.

    2. Thank you, I love hearing about other countries.