Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Can it get even crazier?


So you know that I have a crazy schedule. One for my "day" job and one for me. If it could be possible, the day job has exploded. The bookings for lectures are coming in so fast that I can barely keep up to the number. It's somewhere over 60 at this point. Thankfully, the bookings started slow so we could get a handle on the paperwork involved and for the most part, I think we have all the agendas in place and the samples worked out. 

I'll never be done making samples because that's how I learn. And as we go through the lectures and confer with our small, but MIGHTY team, I'm learning tons. I have three lectures in the next couple of days, a class, and the virtual retreat. But all is good!

I did sit at the computer for most of the day and got a lot of writing done so that was productive! I'm making excellent progress in that department and once I get all this writing out of the way, the rest of the month should be a breeze. 

While I finished my embroidery sample and I ABSOLUTELY love it, I'm not sharing it with you yet. You'll see it, but not yet. It turned out way nicer than I expected. Oh, the tips and tricks I'm learning!

A while back, I received four HUGE tubs of samples. I have thrown them under the long arm and would deal with them later. Well, NOW is later. I thought I might find some samples so I wouldn't have to make something new. I went through the two smallest tubs yesterday. I did find a couple of things, but a lot of what's in those tubs are things that I'll never use. 

Sorting through tubs of samples

Hmm - that means, the samples go back to the person who gave them to me - she won't be happy or they go to a storage locker - NOT mine. I'll try to go through the other two tubs later today so then I can deal with getting rid of all four at the same time. I do NOT want to store them if they have nothing useful to me. And they take up some very valuable space under the long arm. If I could get rid of those four tubs, then I have room to bring the remainder of the stuff from upstairs and I bet I'll have room to spare! 

Oh yes - I'm motivated to get rid of those tubs. I wonder why people think it's OK to pass things along when they know that it will be of NO value to me. I'm kind of surprised, knowing who gave them to me. Oh well. It happens. 

While my embroidery was finishing up, I managed to get all the blue and green thread back into the thread box. I see that I'm very low on blue thread. I need to restock, but at this point in time, there's no time to buy thread. I need to buy that batting, but no time for that either!!!

The threads are back in the thread box

The other day, we were talking about keyless locks and I said that I wondered how we would know when the battery is low. Someone said that theirs gives off a chirp to alert you to a low battery. Funny - the NEXT day, I received an e-mail telling me that my front door battery is low! How fancy is that? Don't worry - I pay a LOT of money to have that stupid security system. I have no idea why, but it's a requirement for our insurance and I resent every penny we spend. Now I need to figure out how to change the battery. I probably have a manual here somewhere, but never paid attention to where I put it. I know - I know - my own worst enemy for stealing away valuable time. 

Battery low warning

I need to make a round of calls to the cell phone company, insurance, etc. to review our bills. I bet there is a lot of stuff that can be chopped off or changed to lower monthly expenses. I must put that on a list of things to do. Better deals always come up and I know that we haven't changed our actual driving mileage since things shut down and we could probably get that changed back to the minimum again. 

So many things - so little time! But hopefully after this week - no - next week, when the writing assignments are done, that things will quiet down a smidge! I say that with tongue in cheek cause you know that it's never going to happen!

Oh boy -- and I was supposed to let everyone know of my classes and that just hasn't happened. So here's another one - only because the date is fast approaching. 

I'll be running a ZOOM workshop for a tote bag. It's in TWO parts - the first one is Saturday, September 26th from 1 - 3 PM and the second part is Saturday, October 3 from 3 - 5 PM. 

We're going to make a basic tote bag and while we make the bag, we'll be discussing things like interlinings for the bags, lining, pockets, handles, bottom inserts, and other tips and tricks on getting the bag to look professional, not hand-made. There will be homework between the two classes. I hope that you'll get some sewing done during the Zoom class, but it might be more lecture and then you'll do the work on your own time. 

Tote bag class

It's going to be a lot of fun. Guess what, once you make this tote bag, then you can make ANY tote bag and you won't ever need another tote bag pattern!! Included in the cost of the class, you'll get a written pattern, as well as an on-line tutorial, plus the four hours of class time with loads of extra tips. The cost is $40 for all that! Email me at if you are interested in signing up. 

Here's the list of other classes - most are self-explanatory, but I'll try to fill in the blurb in the next day or so. 

Machine Quilting - October 31  - 1 - 4 PM

Free Motion quilting - November 7 - 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Ruler work - November 28 - 1 to 4 PM

Binding by machine - October 31 - 10 - 12 NOON

I have a slot booked for October 24 - from 1 to 4 PM. I'm going to do a piecing class - I just haven't picked a pattern yet. If you have a suggestion, let me know. 

Don't forget the EQ8 classes. I know a number of you have signed up for the EQ8 classes and I haven't acknowledged you. I will in the next couple of days. Thre is still room in these classes if anyone wants to sign up. 

EQ8 - Beginner   October 25 - 1 - 3 PM

EQ8 - Working with Panels  - November 1  - 1 - 3 PM

EQ8 - Advanced  - November 8   1 - 3 PM

So I'm doing the virtual Route 66 challenge. Last year, a friend of mine drove part of the Route 66 while he was wintering in Arizona. He sent me a link to one of his blog posts where he was in the same area that I'm in now. I thought you might like to read it. Oh my - after seeing the pictures, I'd love to drive this route. Anyone else interested??? It would be fun - Thelma and Louise without the ending! I used to say Thelma and Louise all the time and never knew what happened at the end! I know better now! Of course, it could resort to that since that was NOT their intention when they started out!

So little time to get everything done! And the number of windows open in my browser - well, I'd better get some of them closed before everything crashes!!

Don't forget the Virtual Retreat this coming Saturday from 2:30 - 8 PM and then Sunday from 9 AM to 8 PM. I'll post the Zoom link tomorrow. 

On that note, I'm off to sweat my butt off in Joseph's spin class. 

Have a super day!!!



  1. We have driven part of Route 66. It is on our bucket list to do the rest. We drove to Tulsa then headed back following as closely as we could Route 66 back to Chicago. Lots to see and we both loved it!

    1. Some day Mary! No sense making any plans at the moment since I think driving Route 66 would be considered non-essential travel! Have a great day!!!

  2. There are about 800 geocaches on or near Route 66.

    1. OH NO!!!! Now I have to go!!! Thanks for letting me know.