Monday, April 1, 2013

The Easter Bunny hit our house!!!!!!!!!

Yes - I know Easter isn't really about the Easter Bunny, but - well that's how we celebrate!

First - the Easter Bunny had to prepare the goodies. Even though your child is almost an adult - traditions are important so yes - the Easter Bunny hit our house

The Easter Bunny is ready to hide the eggs. Note the cute little basket that I made many years ago for M. 

I did have a bit of problem with the hiding. I managed to fill 87 of those eggs, however, there wasn't much in each egg. I went around to my usual hiding spots. Hmmmm - I barely touched the amount of eggs in the bag. OK - so then I went around one more time and managed to hide all those eggs.

I get a text at 9 AM - is the hunt ready????   Good grief.  Of course - the hunt is ready. The Easter Bunny is no slacker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M - who missed quite a few on the first round. She didn't look UP!!!!!!
Then we were off to brunch. Of course we took the young ones with us. Aren't they cute!!!!!!!!!! 
 There was an amazing buffet with lots of goodies and OK - we sampled most of them, but didn't go crazy - EXCEPT for the waffles - OH MY - they were good.

The waffles - we decided that NO - they are not as good as the genuine Belgian waffles we had in Belgium, but they were mighty tasty!!!

The chairs were dressed for the kids. Well at the table where they could decorate cup cakes or paint eggs. 

Of course - our kids had to get in there. But NOT until all the other kids had their turn. 

The Easter eggs

M has been bugging me about a juicer for a long time. I finally broke down and bought one. Didn't do a lot of research on them, just bought what I thought looked good. Here she is experimenting with it - I think she was disappointed that gobs of juice didn't get extracted from her fruit and veggies. BUT - it is not a miracle worker. I had better have a look at it.

M and her juicer

Quilt that I got done last week. Very hard to trim this one with the black top, batting and backing!!!!!!

Time to ramp up today and get back to work after taking a couple of days off. Besides - the weather today is pretty COLD. No one would want to be outside.

And so Roll up the Rim ends. Here is my haul and now time to  get them used up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I managed to get a LOT of paperwork completed yesterday. It was a very productive day from that perspective. The quilting - well I didn't get much of that accomplished, but getting some of this paperwork out of the way is a bonus for me. And it has to be done. I need about one solid week of days like that and I would actually see a HUGE improvement.   I hope you looked at the show n tell from the $10 classes. Lots of neat stuff there.

Oh yes - I thought you would be interested in these pictures. A couple of weeks back, I did the cardio testing for the Maximum Heart Rate. Maria snapped a couple of pictures of me all suited up!!!!!!!!!!!!  Actually this mask is NOTHING compared to the mask for the high altitude training. This one is soft and pliable - that other one was pretty rigid and hurt my nose.

Hard at work - getting MHR

So yesterday I did something that felt VERY STRANGE. Although I have done it before - the last time was just not quite so dramatic!!!!

I booked a couple of flights. Want to see where I am going????  Here is the first ONE WAY flight...........

A bit hard to see here - but basically Toronto to Vancouver - Date: June 16

Here is the second.....................   also ONE WAY flight

Need better graphics!!!!!!   Anyway - that is St. John's, Nfld to Toronto - Date: Sept 1, - Mine is the direct flight. 

That means there is ELEVEN weeks between those dates and 8,000 KM approximately.

See that red line - that is more or less - those 8000 KM. 

No turning back now - I have sunk too much money into this trip. Just got to get on my bike and train. But not before the garden is up to snuff and the quilts are up to date and everything else that needs to be taken care of has been taken care of. Oh boy - this is going to be quite the adventure!!!!!!!!!!!   Actually I HATE getting ready for vacation - usually running around like an idiot. I am going to try and be more in advance.

And for the record - I shut my computer off last night!!!!!!

On that note - I have work to do today and I had best get started.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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