Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I also bring home stray puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!

NO - I do not bring home stray puppies, but I seem to end up with all kinds of things that no one wants. You'll see what I brought home in the last couple of days  - but in a minute...........

Sunday was a DOWN day for me. I just lazed around the house and read this book that I could NOT put down. Note to self - DO NOT start a page turner when there is work to be done!!!!!!   Might have been the low blood pressure???   I am in the athlete category of blood pressure range - 91 over 58. NOW - don't go worrying about that - it is at the VERY BOTTOM of the normal range. I MUST MUST MUST drink more water. But I think I was just tired of all the pressure from getting those quilts done.

And now onto the next round of quilts................  here is a very small one that I finished on the weekend.

Customer quilt - still have to trim it and will deliver it tonight

Got a big one to custom quilt - going to start on that this morning and I got a LOT of binding done  on one of mine for the Brampton Show which is coming up on May 4 and 5. Then one more small one to bind and about four labels to stitch on and several sleeves to pin on. I am in GOOD shape for that show.

BUT the CreativFestival is this weekend and that is THREE days when I will be out of commission to getting work done.

I swiped this from the CreativFestival page for the TWO demos that I am doing..............

elaine theriault, a popular teacher at Sew Fancy, is a proficient stitcher who is talented in many needle arts. Join her as she shares her enthusiasm and knowledge.

Punch Needle Perfection Join Elaine for a fun and informative session on the basics of Punch Needle embroidery. See how you can easily add a touch of 3D to your work with this technique.
Media Room - Sat 3:30

Hand Embroidery is Back! 
Are you new to hand embroidery? Or, maybe not enjoyed this technique for some time? Learn about the new threads, needles, fabrics and hoops available to you. Ask questions. See sample stitch outs. And, get ready to stitch!
Media Room - Fri 4:30 

Come on out and see me at the demos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Or stop by Sew Fancy booth and say HI.      Going to be FUN as usual.

Here is the link for the CreativFestival - get your tickets on line and you get in early................   And I can't wait to see what Mikey at The Crochet Crowd has done with his booth. They are pretty wacky and loads of fun.

The CreativFestival

It promises to be another great LOCAL event. Can't wait for set up on Thursday! Did I say that out loud????

In light of what I told my friend about the quilt that M liked, I dug out the kit so we could chat about moving forward on it soon.

Here is the kit and the pattern. It is called Remembrance Poppy (I think - as since I brought it out yesterday morning, I seem to have misplaced the entire kit!!!! - had to tidy up for M to sew and no time to figure out where I put it!!!!!!)

I love MINI quilts and the Mississauga Show had LOADS of them. I spent a LOT of money and managed to snag one of them.

Mini quilt that I won at the Mississauga Quilt Show. 

I do have a pile of them hanging up - I will try to get a photo at some point.

Then I happened upon something that I had heard about, never seen and WANTED. So the price was right and I bought this sampler of cigar silks.

Cigar silks sampler. 
 If you have no idea what I am talking about - here is a link to some history of the cigar silks............

Cigar silks

Cigar silks - second link

According to the second link, the flags are the least collectible. I don't care - it is just something that I always wanted and now I have some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Also snagged some more books

Another great history book on quilts

More books including one from the late Doreen Speckman. I didn't know she had written a book. 

And look at this treasure. quilter's newsletters from 1970 - 1974. How cool is that. 
Do you see a trend here?????   Yes - the new stuff is fun - the old stuff is inspiring and very interesting and FUN.

Then last night at the Halton Hills quilt meeting - we had these two speakers. Of course - it is sometimes hard to get excited about a speaker that you have never heard of. I don't usually pay attention to the names. BUT these two ladies blew us away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It was a FUN FUN FUN meeting. Oh my gosh - I came away INSPIRED.

First - they teach at one of my FAVOURITE STORES - Thimbles and Things in Orillia. Fortunately for my pocket book, it is far enough away that I don't get to it very often and when we pass it on the way to and from retreat - it is closed. Thank goodness. Anyway, Wanda and Sue gave us a trunk show based on the Square in a Square ruler. Hey - I have one of those - I must dig it out again. It does some amazing things.

And then they showed us other stuff that they are doing. WOW WOW WOW - I was blown away. Very impressive stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the way out as we were helping them get all their stuff to the car, the custodian said - hey look at this "bed comforter" rack. For goodness sake - he knows we are a QUILT guild. Anyway - the rack had been sitting in the garbage all day and no takers, so I brought it home!!!!!!!!!!!

A bit dated, but you know - it will look nice in my upstairs hall and I can put three quilts on it. I NEED more space to display the quilt. I don't want to tuck them into a closet. 

Of course - that means that once a month, I am going to have to start refolding and rearranging them around the house. OH boy - quilting turning day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think one of the things I am going to have to do this summer is come to grips with my mind!!!!    There are MANY MANY things that I want to do - all related to quilting. Since I don't have time to do them all, I am going to list each one and write the pros and cons beside them and then figure out which one(s) are at the top of the list. ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I need MONEY for all these ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well not really - but I need to get my brain in focus!!!!!!!!

On that note - I am WAY BEHIND this morning. Had tons of e-mail that I had to deal with. Off to the quilt machine.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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