Saturday, April 27, 2013

What makes a good quilt guild lecturer????????????

Again no pictures today and I will keep it short.

I am also NOT mentioning any names to protect the guilty and the innocent. I belong to THREE quilt guilds - I know - what was I thinking? Anyway - that means that over the years, I have heard a LOT of speakers at the meetings.

What makes a good speaker?

- enthusiastic
- encouraging to ALL quilters
- openly sharing their stories, their quilts
- communicative with the guild members
- answers questions
- engages the audience
- tells us about the good AND the bad part of their quilt journey

What turns me off in a speaker

- negativity of ANYTHING
- disregarding a particular kind of quilter or quilting
- thinking their way is the ONLY way
- thinking HIGHLY of themselves
- EXPECTING the guild to haul their stuff into the venue (I will help, but DON'T mistreat me!)
- being grumpy or complaining upon arriving
- going on TOO LONG about one thing - tell the story and MOVE ON
- thinking they or their technique are UNIQUE - sorry - no one is unique
- LEAVING before the break has happened because they need to get home (this has happened TWICE this past year and I am SHOCKED!!!!!!!!) - we are paying these people money to fire up our members and they never even get a chance to chat to the speaker or see the quilts close up. One person had to leave because they had a B & B guest coming that night. Isn't that double dipping?????   I was FURIOUS at that one.

We are paying these speaker to entertain us and some of them get a LOT of money. I want my money's worth. They are like spoiled Hollywood stars and I just tune out. And it is the higher priced ones that are the worst!!!!!!!!!!   Come on ladies - you are NOT that good.

So if you are a guild speaker and reading this - think about what you are doing. There are certain people that I would NEVER go and hear again (or take a class from) and there are others that I would definitely take a class with, listen to again. Perhaps we need to mention names so these people will not get hired again?  No I won't be that mean.

And now it is time to get ready for my classes at the Hobby Horse this morning (Dear Jane and Snow Days) and then back for the afternoon at CreativFestival until it closes at 6 PM this evening. Then the even more fun part - tearing down!!!!!!!!!!    Yep - I am getting too old for this.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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