Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dragon Star - April reveal

Yesterday was a very deceptive day. the sun was out and the temperature was above zero. You had the impression it was a warm day, BUT the wind was biting cold and it was nippy.  I'm ready for those warm days anytime!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night was our Dragon Star class. Some of the ladies slipped a bit with the homework, but this quilt is a LOT of sewing. Don't let it become a UFO!!!!!    A little bit every day and it will get completed.

Here is what we saw last night..............  (and it might be a bit hard to tell from the photos since the quilts are lying flat, but everyone pretty much changed the values that went in the big star and the quilts are all going to be so different!!!!!!!!)  I can't wait to see the finished products!!!!






A photo of Joyce's quilt so far



Marnie's flying geese


Isn't that impressive!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome work ladies!  Keep it up. So close to the end!!

Here is a picture I took last night of how to sew those curved seams.

Start by removing the paper from the paper pieced unit. Then find the center of the corner flying geese unit and the pie shaped piece. Match the centers and pin. Then match up the end pieces and pin with two pins. Then match the other two ends (or edges of the blocks). Then sew that curved seam. Don't forget the stiletto will make quick work of that seam.  And sew with the RUFFLED piece on top!!!

I went back into my blog to see how I sewed the last part of my Dragon Star quilt together. I was at the retreat house in Bracebridge. The blog date is July 10, 2012 (if you want to check that out). I started at 10 AM on Sunday morning and this is what the quilt looked like.  I hadn't even finished paper piecing the flying geese or the border.

This is what the quilt looked like twenty four hours later. I did not sew all night, but just kept myself focused and the more I got done, the more I wanted to finish the quilt.   Hmmmmm - I wonder if it too late to change the colour of those flying geese units that touch the star tips.  Or maybe I change the star tips!!!!!!!!!!!!   I will have to look closely at it, but I might be able to slip in a piece of the green background (I have LOADS left) in between the four back geese and the point. It will shorten the geese slightly, but no one will know. I won't tell if you don't!!!!   Yes - I think that is what I will do. Shouldn't be that hard??????

The layout of the curves and while they look nice here
When you go to sew them together - it doesn't look so nice

So - make sure you use those registration marks. 

Good luck to those making Dragon Star. STOP - if you have any issues.

On that note - I am back to the long arm - making progress, but not quite as quick as I would like.

Have a great day


Update on Scrabble - those dreaded designers at EA GAMES decided to upgrade the online Scrabble interface. After removing the app from my iPad, and reinstalling it, I am finally able to play Scrabble once again on my iPad. HOWEVER, I can only play with random opponents. I cannot access Facebook. I can play Scrabble on my Android phone, BUT - as soon as I touch the link to one of my friends - it creates a brand new game with that person and then goes into the rest of my games. At this rate - I will have HUNDREDS of games on the go. And I don't like playing on my phone as it drains the battery rather quickly. And after MUCH digging on the support page which isn't very helpful, I managed to find a reference that EA GAMES knows that many people cannot access their Facebook friends through the iPad app. Hopefully they will get it fixed soon - I MISS my Scrabble games.

Catch you later.

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