Saturday, June 23, 2012

On your mark, get set - GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is going to be a week from HELL. I have my $10 quilt class today and I am madly finishing the prep work for that. Not one, but TWO guild meetings to get ready for and although I have a lot of the work done - there is still a LOT to do. A Marti Michell class to prep for, a baby quilt to finish, an article for the magazine to complete, a charity bike ride and let's not forget the customer quilts that are waiting!!!!!!!

Oh yes - I can see that I will be busy this week.

Yesterday was PRODUCTIVE - I got not one, but TWO customer quilts done -same customer.

Customer Quilt ONE

Customer Quilt TWO

Just have to get them trimmed up so she can pick them up tomorrow.

And for those of you who come to sew at my house - I have a NEW addition. Perhaps I will take it to my upcoming retreat (OH YES - that retreat is going to be extra sweet this year - with all this craziness - I am going to have FIVE days to myself (well shared with my friends) where I can do whatever I want!!!!    Can't wait - just got to get through this coming week.)

Anyway - when we are sewing everyone seems to want to ring a bell to announce the completion of the project/block they are working on. VOILA - a bell!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheap bell I picked up at Chapter's!!!!!
I think it even said VINTAGE on the packaging!!!!   GO figure!!!!!

And TEST number 2 - I went to Chapters again yesterday (Stop rolling your eyes Joyce!!!). I went to pick up the latest copy of Quiltmania - my new favourite magazine. However they only had the French version at the Chapters close to my house, so I will have to back to the other one to get the English copy. I did browse a couple of other magazines - PATTERN magazines and DID NOT purchase a thing.

This is something Randy O Frost talks about in his book "Stuff". The ANXIETY of NOT buying. Go to the store or wherever you acquire your STUFF. DO NOT BUY/ACQUIRE anything - what is your level of anxiety? Five minutes later - what is the level, then one hour later, etc. Most people were very anxious right after NOT buying anything, but this soon went away. I know I had this whenever I went to a quilt shop for the first FIVE OR MORE years of quilting. If I went to a shop - I HAD to buy something. I still feel this way to a certain extent which is why I DO NOT participate in shop hops or road trips with the girls. It is too easy to get swayed when I am trying DESPERATELY to discipline myself. Buy only what you need.

I will be hosting a hand embroidery class at my studio this summer. The two potential dates - July 27 or August 10. I already have a few people signed up - maybe even enough to have one class on both dates - if the teacher agrees. Any takers???????  Probably three hour class - cost in the range of $25 including a kit.

Well - there you have it. I have to get to work and finish the prep work for Dear Jane. Oh yes - don't forget this is the month before our summer off so I have had to prep almost NINETY blocks for today. Who could even think of sewing that many - let's just review them and figure out the best way to sew them.

And I'm OFF and RUNNING   (better not forget to pick up my kid from her modeling class)

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Have you looked at your labels recently? Customer quilts is number one at 49, then Kaylee ties Completed UFOs at 23. Better get a few more UFOs done before she comes to visit again next week! ;-)

  2. Great idea for the bell at retreat!
    I enjoyed thinking about the anxiety of not buying...interesting!