Thursday, July 6, 2023

Are you up for a challenge?

While making significant progress, I have yet to complete a single thing. So today, I must focus! 

However, all my samples for my article are DONE, and now I can write. The samples turned out AMAZING! I can't wait to share those. But I swear that people just want everything to be easy and do NOT want to take the time to experiment. Sample making is way more fun than actually making a quilt, and I've learned so much over the years because of my willingness to experiment. The way I see it is -  KUDOS to me because I'm willing to learn and for others? Well -- that's their problem! 

I couldn't help myself and spent more time deleting files yesterday. I wonder how much I've deleted so far? Yep -- I found duplicate presentations in different folders. That's a HUGE problem for me, and I MUST finish setting up a SOLID file structure and stick to it. Sometimes when I'm in a hurry, a duplicate folder gets created, and then I'm lost, so I've no one to blame but myself. I'm OK with that -- I'm learning! I found the folder where I store my lectures on various quilt topics regarding techniques or whatever. GOSH -- I'm pretty darn thorough in those presentations. Is it blasphemy if I pat myself on the back for a job well done? I'm proud of what I've done and am not afraid to say it!

Good grief -- this is sounding like a fan party for me and my talents. ENOUGH! Let's move on. 

Here's something to humble me! I decided to return those sandals as they were way too big. So back to the website to understand the sizing a bit more. OH MY GOSH -- I am a dolt!!!! 

The slides are listed as ALL GENDER, and the sizing chart, which I couldn't figure out when I ordered them, has MENS and WOMENS together. I ordered a size 10 -- but a MEN's 10. I had a good chuckle over that!! 

The options for ordering

Sizing is always a hazard of online shopping. But now I know what it means when it says M10/W12 in the sizing! See - I learned a new thing by making a mistake. 

I did not get a shipping label to return them, so I decided to walk to the post office. I told DH that the logistics center was probably close to our house; sure enough, it's less than 5 KM. He urged me to go there, and since it was a bit over my walking limit, I took the car and felt guilty the entire way! These distribution centers are HUGE. NO -- this is not my "favorite" online store. I ordered directly from the brand, and they have their products in generic distribution centers. There are MANY of these fulfillment centers near me. 

A massive distribution center

Sadly, I could not return the shoes at the fulfillment center and had to take them to the post office. I was shoving them into a prepaid box when the manager stopped me. Most returns have shipping labels -- mine did not. I think I could have got one, but I don't have time to mess with that. So they are gone, and I've requested a SMALLER size. Hopefully, they arrive soon. 

I have three more boxes of quilting fabric under the long arm and was looking for something specific. So I dug all three out and started to sort everything. Let's just say there is only ONE container left. I pulled a fabric collection for me, and it's in the stash room. I sorted the remainder of the bins, and they are in bags waiting to go to Diane's. She doesn't know yet! Sh! Don't tell her! 

Three remaining bins of fabric for community projects

And then I found a ton of panels. What am I going to do with these? And then I had a bright idea -- I'm going to offer them to you, BUT (there's always a but!), I'm going to make it a challenge. You see -- I do NOT want these to go into your stash. Nope -- I want you to use them. So the challenge will be -- make something creative from them. I don't care what happens to them - cut them into tiny pieces, add borders to make a wall hanging -- whatever your heart desires. 

There are three different panels, which I believe are 28" wide by 42" or something like that. There are NINE of this one. 

Panel Number One

Eight of this one. 

Panel Number Two

And there are three of this one for a total of twenty. 

Panel Number Three

So here's the deal --- I will GIVE the panels away, but you have to pay for the postage, which shouldn't be much. I want a FINISHED item from the panels. I don't care what! You get to keep the item -- I do not want them. And the deadline --- I'm going to say December 31, 2023. 

WAIT -- read the following points CAREFULLY before you ask for one! 

  • If you do NOT finish the project, it defeats the purpose of the challenge, and I'll be disappointed.
  • If you do NOT have time, then do not ask for one. 
  • If you are notorious for missing deadlines, do NOT ask for one. 
  • If you want one because of FOMO, do NOT ask for one. 
  • If you want to sign up for loads of classes in the fall, it's probably best to NOT ask for one as you'll be busy. 

This is not a stash-building challenge. 

I happened upon my panel presentation yesterday, and well - it just seemed fitting. I was also at the library the other day, and there's a book about what to do with panels. I will keep one for myself, as I LOVE the panels. I will post the results in January 2024. 

If you have seriously considered the above and still want to do a project, send me an e-mail. Use PANEL challenge in the subject. 

I managed to get the customer's quilt done. Yeah -- now some trimming to do, and I need to get the next one loaded. 

Customer quilt - DONE

I needed a wee nap in the afternoon, and when I woke up, this is what I saw! Lexi is smart as she has dug a hidey-hole under the shed and lies in the cool dirt. She's a good dog. Murphy is just busy. She has to follow us everywhere with her tongue hanging out! Oh, Murphy!

MOM -- is it time to play ball? 

How does one stay cool in this heat? And while it's hot, it's not unbearable. I walked almost 13 KM yesterday. But here's a thing I learned. I HATE hats with a passion. I hate something on my head, and I hate how I look. But practicality has won me over. I bought This Tiley hat for the Camino de Santiago last year. I wore that hat every day once the sun rose. Did you check out the picture on the website? Even that guy looks like a geek with this hat on! 

My Tiley hat

I find it annoying because you always sense something in front of you! However, I dug the hat out the other day when I walked. OK  -- game changer!! First, you are NOT squinting even with sunglasses on a sunny day. That would save a lifetime of wrinkles around the eyes!! And believe it or not, I find it very comfortable and cooling. 

And they said you can't teach an old dog new tricks! Yep-- I wear it around the neighborhood - to the mall or wherever. I couldn't care less what other people think (and they probably aren't thinking anything!). I'm going for comfort! Besides, it's a Tiley hat -- it was NOT cheap! 

So my windows are wide open this morning, and I'm enjoying the beautiful morning. NO - we have not turned on our AC yet. I have a small fan by the bed, which keeps me cool at night, and I have zero trouble sleeping. It's all in how you look at the situation -- glass half full or half empty. YES -- I understand that some people do poorly in the heat! I don't know how our society would function in any kind of hardship. We are super reliant on our services! Me? I just care about food! 

And this came in on my social media yesterday. You can check it out here. This one is on sale for $65 US. But we all have enough supplies at our house to make one. 

OH MY GOSH --- I finished The Golden Spoon last night. What a hoot, and who saw that ending coming? You'll appreciate the book more if you have watched The Great British Baking Show, but it's not necessary. 

Well, so much exciting stuff happening. I'll be nose down at the computer today as I have to clear some of those writing tasks off my plate. 

Have a super day!!!



  1. I use v (short for version) plus a number and once the document has a v it goes in a sub folder called version. When the document is completed the version folder can be deleted. Jackie

  2. Shoe sizing. I just ordered son a pair of crocs online and they came yesterday. Mom these are smaller than the ones I have. Yep I ordered Women 13 instead of Men, back they go.