Thursday, July 13, 2023

It's the principle!

 AHA --- I'm not the only Harry Potter fan out there! Let's face it --- those books introduced many young people to the joy of reading, and if they loved it, then who are we to take that away from them! I'm not usually a big fan of rereading a book, but after 20 years, I've totally forgotten the stories! It's like reading a new book! I finished the second book yesterday, and now I want to watch the movie, but I had no time last night. Perhaps tonight. 

And the big question is -- should you watch the movie, read the book, or do both? I agree -- READ the book first, then watch the movie. 

Now here's something hilarious! I picked another audiobook, this time from the Cormoran Strike series, which is authored by Robert Galbraith, who we know is J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series. I swear the narrator is the same, but I checked, and it's not. But the voice sounds suspiciously like Hagrid!!

OK -- here's something else, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. I got an e-mail yesterday asking me to join a club. The online club is organized by a local quilt designer (and this is NOT new, by the way), and it happens in all industries. I pay a monthly subscription and get access to "free" stuff. I can sign up for lectures, resources, sew-alongs, etc. 

While this is an excellent way for the designer to make money, do I want to be married to that designer and her style? Some of these subscription things are kind of creepy! I don't know --- there is already so much free stuff out there; why would I want to pay for it? 

I made huge progress yesterday. Well, it wasn't that huge, but I made a dent in some of the paperwork on that to-do list. But then a phone call and an in-person visit slowed me down some. But I still made good progress. 

I also tried to clean up the kitchen table. Not that there is much on it, but this has been sitting there for several weeks, and it was time to deal with it. 

A mystery on the kitchen table

What is it? Well, I had to detangle it before I could use it. I purchased a glass wind chime at Verbeek Glass Studios when I was there earlier this year. It's gorgeous. 

My glass windchime

Now it's hanging in the gazebo, so should I get to sit out there one day, I'll be able to enjoy its beauty visually and orally. 

The wind chime in the gazebo

I dropped off the Quilts of Valour quilts. You know what? It doesn't feel so bad to give those quilts away. I know they'll go to a good home, and if they can bring warmth to someone, that's better than hanging over the railing at my house. 

I did move a few quilts off the guest bed, and I'm determined to donate more quilts, and I'll find hidey holes for the remainder. I'm TIRED of moving them! 

I managed to get this table runner quilted for a customer. She has always admired the mini log cabin in my hallway, so she made her own! It's gorgeous! 

Customer quilt - DONE

Looking at the list of quilts still to quilt and the calendar, I knew I needed to get one more done. 

Customer quilt - DONE

I've got some more trimming to do! 

Here are those silly girls! They need to be close to us always. Poor Lexi - she doesn't do stairs, so I've no idea how she manages at night by herself on the main floor. She had to overcome her skittishness of being in a closed room to be closer to us. It took her YEARS to enter a room with a door! Thankfully, our house is open-concept for the most part, so she had lots of room to roam! 

Murphy and Lexi

We had thunder and lightning this morning, so they were tucked even closer, and Murphy was right under the desk! She was NOT happy. I have Thunder shirts for them, but I didn't bother to get them out.  

OK -- so I know that some of the things I write about are total drivel, but seriously! I mentioned yesterday that someone reserved my bike - number 29 at spin class. No big deal; I booked number 31. When I arrived, her stuff was at number 30. You've got to be kidding me? I got on 31 - who cares that she can't read. Then she comes over, grabs her stuff, and says, I'll give you some room. Well, I said -- you reserved 29, not 30. She didn't say a word. Then she got on number 28. She pedaled for about 10 minutes, then moved to 29. 

As I said, it's not a big deal, but look at what you're doing -- if you reserve a bike, use that bike! Others reserve their bikes based on what other bikes are reserved. I was NOT going to switch. It's just the principle of the whole thing! And then she made it out like I was crowding her! I think not! 

The women seem picky about how many bikes are between them and the next rider. What do they do on Saturday, when the class is full? The men couldn't care less. 

I just reserved number 29 for Monday!

On that happy note, I'm off. One more article is about to go out the door and a few more to write. I'll be glad when that is done, as it's very time-consuming, but I've become much faster at editing and constantly learning new things! 

Wait -- there's one more thing to share with you. Check out this website and look for the TWO videos. It involves machine embroidery, and it's impressive. 

Have a super day!!!


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  1. I am on the fence about watching the movie after I have read the book. I am always so disappointed about how the movie is compared to the book. For me, it's barely worth it to do both. Especially if I have just read the book and it's fresh in my mind.