Saturday, July 29, 2023

Rosesvalles to Zibiri

 And another day is in the bag!! I have to admit that I was NOT lookin forward to the descent into Zibiri. More on that in a minute. 

Started off walking alone again and loving it. I walked and chatted with a couple of people a couple of times and that was good. It broke up the day a wee bit. But I admit that I'm thinking of absolutely NOTHING. No one from home (sorry everyone - sorry Murphy and sorry Lexi). I think my brain just needed to have some major quiet time and this is what I'm getting. 

The terrain was much smoother today, minor ups and minor downs, except for the last bit. My feet were happy, although I stopped once just to check. I put a bit more cream on and all seemed to be OK. 

Now don't die when I say this, but I did NOT look at my FitBit ONCE. I checked the time a total of three times or something like that. I did NOT check my KMs against those on theh sign posts. This is NOT about getting there first or getting there last - this is about getting there when I get there. 

I felt so MUCH better not looking and knowing what was happening or how much further. It was fun just to walk. 

A lot of the day was in the shade so that was good, although I did dig my hat out at one point. So here was a decision I made that I think has worked for me. It's all about the walking sticks. We all them poles, but everyone calls the sticks. Last year, I had one and I used it so much because of my feet issues that I got a blister on my hand. 

This year, I decided to go stickless and I have zero regrets even after the descent today and with those old knees. I have changed my gait to wider on those steep descents which seems to work well. I'm also going for it. Don't be afraid and walk like an old lady - walk with confidence and the body will come through. And it did. Oh -- trust me,not without some ouches along the way but for the most part --- it was all good 

I bounded down that horrible part like a goat! Perhaps it's my Hoka Speedgoat shoes!!!

Plus, I like to have my hands free when I'm walking and no danger of tripping over the darn sticks!

Now here's an issue I had today. We are walking through some beautiful countryside and why or why would you ruin that by talking on your FLIPPING phone. Yep - at one point, this guy is talking so loud that it was annoying and he wasnt paying attention to anything and switching the phone from hand to hand. I simply stopped and let him get ahead of me. I couldnˋt take much of that noise. 

But there is KARMA because we are in the same Albergue tonight and I got the bottom bunk and he got the top! I passed him just before we got into town. He was messing with his sticks!!!! 

The other annoying thing about the sticks is they are NOISY, especially if the rubber tip is gone. TAP TAP TAP. ACK!!!!!   So I let those two people pass me as well and I hung back. Yep - I passed them on the rocky descent as they tried to use those sticks to get them down and it just took way longer. 

OH --- someone asked me when I started to have problem with my feet last year and I guess I have to acknowledge that it was the first day!!!  Yep -- today I passed a place where I remember stopping to take my shoes and socks off to check the situation. So it was from the get go, which will happen if your shoes are TOO SMALL. And not laced properly. Oh my --- I've come a long way!!!

That does not mean I'm out of the woods. Not by a long shot -- I'll be monitoring them constantly to see what's happening until they get a bit of this trail under them. But even then, I have to be super vigilant and be in prevention mode, not healing mode. It's hard to heal blisters when you still need to walk. 

And I think the reason, I so disliked that descent last year was that each step was painful this year, it was not. A HUGE difference. 

And my final beef of the day is the toilet paper along the route.  OK -- itˋs not every foot or so, but still. Ladies -- if you need to be out in the wilderness, camping, hiking or whatever. Buy yourself a PEE CLOTH. It's very hygenic and it's safe for the environment. Google it to get more information. And if you don't want to do that, at least, bring a ziploc to put the paper in. 

And the final notes of the day, I got stung on the leg by something. It didnt swell, but I got a bruise and I got a scaling on my hand in the shower! OUCH!!!!

But who cares --- all is good. I'm happy my feet are happy and that's all that counts.

Have a super day!!!!


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