Saturday, July 22, 2023

Weeding the garden - wait wrong garden!

If I've done everything correctly, the classes are up! Just look at the tabs across the top of the blog, and you'll see one at the end called CLASSES. Click that link, and the page should pop up. If it doesn't, I'm sure someone will alert me. 

The only action you could possibly take at this point is to order the one pattern, which you should do if you are going to sign up for that class. But PLEASE DO NOT contact the stores to get dates and sign up. They are NOT ready. I listed those classes as a courtesy to you -- do not abuse that courtesy. Get on the appropriate store newsletter, and when they are prepared to take registrations, they will let you know. 

That feels good to get that done -- it was a ton of work to get everything organized behind the scenes. 

Also, I'll be in Acton at Sew Productive today. I've got some great demos lined up, so be sure to get registered for those!

And remember, there's a virtual retreat tonight and tomorrow (links below). Yes -- it's usually a bit earlier in the month, but this weekend works better for me, and since I'm the host - I get to change the date. If you can't make it, I sure hope that means you're having way more fun somewhere else! I have some sewing to finish, and there are still those writing assignments, so I'll be in and out. 

This is Murphy's morning entertainment - watching the nature channel. She wants to go out, but if an animal is lurking around, she'll bark her head off, so she can only go out at 7:00 AM. Mind you -- the neighbor on her favorite side of the yard to bark wouldn't complain; more on that later. 

Watching the nature channel

But that ball -- it's with her constantly. Sometimes, I can't even get to the table, and she wants to play ball. I was quilting at the longarm, and I could hear PLOP, PLOP, as the ball bounced down the stairs. How can you not love her for that? 

MOM -- you need to take a break! 

And then, when I did get to the sewing machine, guess who was there? And I got a clean foot. I have no idea why this dog is so clingy! Lexi couldn't care two hoots about me. 

MOM - did I do a good job?

However, she should have cleaned my feet AFTER I was in the garden. Yes -- with all the rain we've had, the weeds are growing like mad. I started in one section along the fence with the neighbor, who would never complain. The guy is young and lives with his girlfriend? The parents are in Korea and have been since COIVD. When I say young, he's in his 20's. We RARELY see them leave the house, and they do ZIP for yard work. 

As I was tending to the few weeds along the fence, I could see vines creeping through the fence from their yard. Their gate is always open, so I went in. And OH MY -- there were huge weeds along the path. So as I worked my way up the path, I pulled the weeds and left them on their walkway. They won't even notice I did that. 

Weeding my neighbor's backyard

Then I continued up to the creeping vines and nixed a whole bunch of that. I had my garden scissors in my hand, so I got rid of anything I didn't like. PLUS - I pulled things out by the roots as much as possible. They have another creeper that goes into the trees, which are dead, but that creeper vine in the dead trees looks ridiculous from my yard, so I whacked it all down. 

Clearing the creeping vines from the fence

And I snapped this picture of the weeds in their backyard between the two lovely dead trees! Those weeds are 3 to 4 feet high! And they won't even notice! I saw that all the shutters at the back of the house are closed, and their A/C is on almost all the time, even on nice days. I can only imagine what the inside of the house looks like. It's a shame because the landscaping in this yard was quite pretty, and for some reason, they keep the pond running, but I doubt there are fish in it. And with their windows closed all the time and they NEVER sit outside, they can't hear it, but I can hear it when the office window is open. So I thank them for that. 

Not in my backyard! 

There are four-foot-high thistles in the front yard, and a good majority are gone because of myself and the neighbor on the other side of him. But I needed a second hand to pull out some of the tougher ones, and I only had one glove on, so I will go back tonight and finish the rest. I did get one section completely weeded in my backyard, and I hope to be back at it tonight once I'm back from the store.  

Someone is coming on Monday to do more weeding and trimming. I don't trim! I could, but I don't. It's a few hundred dollars well spent! It's kind of like the house cleaner thing. You tidy up the house the day the cleaner comes! He will still have weeds to pull, just fewer. 

I was on the phone forever again! And one thing led to another, and Diane mentioned that I should be quilting up the Barbie quilts she made. What a fantastic idea!!!! After all, the Barbie movie is out, and why not get these done! So I pulled out the tops she made. None of them are huge, and there are seven of them. All of this fabric came from my stash. The bindings are also made! Thanks, Diane!!!!

Barbie quilt tops

I found a huge hunk of pink flannel that will be perfect for the backings, and I believe all of them will fit on the width of the fabric, so no piecing. I've got loads of leftover batting pieces that I can join, and I'm ready to go!!! 

Backing for the Barbie quilts

I also dug this Barbie quilt out of my "to-be quilted" buckets. And just so you know, MANY or even MOST of the quilts in those buckets will be donated once they are quilted. I'd guess that over half of those quilts are up for donation. Let's just say that I'll be extremely busy when I retire because that will be my volunteer work. I want to get those quilt tops quilted and out the door. 

Another Barbie quilt

So lots of exciting stuff happening!! 

See you tonight at the Virtual Retreat. Here are the links. 

Saturday, July 22, from 6 PM - 9 PM

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 892 5423 3911 Passcode: 982797

Sunday, July 23, from NOON to 8 PM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 861 1959 8156
Passcode: 053861

Have a super day, and maybe I'll see you in personal Sew Productive in Acton!



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