Thursday, July 20, 2023

Progess report!

There must have been some residue from the solar flares the previous day -- yep, more technical issues! But I worked around them. 

First, DH came to get his keyboard back! What??? No, that was the keyboard from the computer he uses every day. He was just loaning it to me for the evening. OH! But he happened to have a wireless keyboard to his other computer (yep -- we are NOT just one computer per family member!). So I had the joy of installing that, which was easy. 

However, it didn't work. Then I noticed THREE large white buttons. Apparently, you can switch the keyboard between devices, and after trying all three buttons, I found the computer! Easy peasy! I figured that one out myself! Hey -- while I struggle with technology, I'm no dummy!!!

I need to get to the store to buy a new one, but maybe later today, as I think the use of this keyboard is also temporary!

So what was the technology issue yesterday? I was listening to my audiobook, and I knew my headphones were going to die. That voice "battery low" freaks me out when the book is intense! And yes -- they died, and I still had one hour to go. They take a long time to charge, and I usually charge them overnight, but I wanted to finish the book. 

Headphones charging

No worries, I have earbuds that I can use. But do you think they would connect? It's like they were dead, yet the little green light was on. Sigh.................  I've never had an issue with them before. 

My earbuds are dead! 

So I went off to get some other stuff done and listened to the little voices in my head, which was quite entertaining! And no, they were not fighting, which is amazing! 

Then later in the afternoon, even though one of the lights was still flashing on the charge function of the headphones, I grabbed them and listened to the book. SHOOT! I can't say I was 100% happy with the ending, and it was literally the last couple of sentences!!! Sigh................  Now I guess I have to download the next book in the Cormoran Strike series! 

But I managed to get another quilt quilted. Almost done with the marathon. Thank goodness, my brain needs a break from the long arm. 

Customer quilt - DONE

And I got the quilt top and backing ready for one of my quilts! Thankfully it's small because I'm going to custom-quilt it. 

I need to glue this thing onto the bottom of a cup for DH. I swear, he's become VERY needy with all this fixing and mending I've been doing for him! But better than buying new. 

A cup that needs regluing

I needed some glue. When I went into the stash room, where I keep this kind of supply, to see what I had, I pulled out this bottle, only to discover the lid wasn't on and the glue was solid. That got tossed. 

Dead bottle of glue

I had a small tube of superglue that was also solid. How many other things in this house are way past their due dates? 

Another tube of solid glue

I was encouraged to go to the mall (by my friends) to find new glue. OK -- they did NOT encourage me, but I went since the mall is so close. I didn't find what I wanted, so I came home without glue. I'll go again later today. 

But I did spot a SoftMoc store, and look what followed me home. WAIT ---Someone just posted on my blog yesterday that they did NOT like toes. DO NOT look at this next picture! 

Too late -- you looked! 

My plastic Birkenstocks

I have wanted a pair ever since I visited the chiropodist, and well, I didn't know there was a Softmoc at the mall. These are for wearing in the house, and I chose this style instead of the toe style (I guess it's inappropriate to call them thongs anymore!)  so I could wear socks on cooler days! They are quite comfortable, and I could ONLY get white in my size. Not my choice, but I'll live with it. Apparently, they are washable, and they weigh NOTHING!!!! 

So if you have a family member who needs a GOOD grip shoe in the house, look at these. They are amazing!!!!!

But the store I was sent to is called Showcase, which sells a lot of the stuff you see on TV. OK -- so I know there is loads of stuff for sale on TV, but I had no idea this store existed! One of my friends even knew exactly where it was located! 

Showcase at the mall

Now if I want Dr. Ho -- I know where to go!!!!

Inside the Showcase store

I'm having so much fun with all my shoes and sandals. What do I like? What is comfortable for what temperature and what distance? I'm happy to report that I wore my Keen's to the mall and had NO blisters, although I had a bit of skin rub where my bunion is. I don't think I've ever paid this much attention to my feet, but they are happy!

My Keen sandals

Speaking of happiness, how much happier can you get than being a dog with a ball? This was Murphy yesterday. She ignored the open door and barked at me through the window beside the door. 

MOM -- let's play ball! 

Can you spot her as she sits patiently, waiting for me to rescue the ball from the filter? And this was NOT an accident - she intentionally dropped it in there. 

Mom -- I'm not in a hurry

But as cute as she is, she can be very annoying. I sat in the front room to make a couple of lengthy calls last night, and she was right there, convinced that her ball was under some of the furniture. It was not, but try to convince her of that. 

MOM -- I need you more than anyone on the phone does!

She is such an attention seeker, just like any toddler when Mom is on the phone. 

That's my ball!

I couldn't help but snap this one of her as she sat on the rock, waiting for me to get the ball. This time, I was the one that accidentally threw the ball into the pond! She looks like an ornament!!!! I wonder if she sees her reflection in the water? 

MOM -- I'm waiting

I got a few more half-square triangles trimmed. Yeah!!!!

Half square triangles trimmed

And the best news is that I have almost ALL the new classes and clubs organized for the fall. Dates and times are chosen, descriptions are written, and I have three more e-mails to send out this morning. Yeah!!!! That was a Herculean task, to be sure, even though most of it just replaced those classes that finished in June and July.  

I forgot to ask if the stores wanted me to post that information NOW or wait until the fall. Hmm -- I'd better ask them, as I don't want to get anyone ticked off! 

I'm excited about the offerings - lots of technical stuff and only two projects. 

Oh gosh -- I'm behind - I'd better get going. 

Have a super day!!!


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