Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Digital versus electronic!

LOL --- I guess I'm in between -- having read some of the Harry Potter books but not the entire collection. I've definitely not seen all of the movies - maybe the first two? I enjoy the books, and it's kind of fun to see the movie right after! I never used to be an audiobook kind of person, and I thoroughly enjoy having a book in my hand! There doesn't seem to be time right now, and the audiobooks are handy! I love that we have options! 

As for notes on the phone? That would be blasphemy! It's just not a habit I have gotten into. But I laugh at how we can handle digital stuff for one thing but not another! 

I shall have to investigate Evernote, but that's not going to happen for a while

Thanks for the comments!

So yesterday was pretty productive, and I kept running out of things! Not things to do, mind you! I was off to the clinic to get my blood work done - FINALLY. This is probably the first time in ten years? I don't know exactly, but it's been a while. So let's hope all is fine - I'm happy to stay off medications as long as possible!

They stole my blood! 

I had to wait one hour, which wasn't too bad. I think that you were allowed to make appointments now, but that was NOT what I was told when I dropped off a sample last month. Oh well -- it doesn't matter, I went prepared and read part of the e-book I had with me, and I made my list of things to do! Yikes -- that's long, but I was able to sleep well last night, knowing that all those things were on paper. 

My to-do list

When I arrived at the clinic, the front door to the building was locked, as the clinic doesn't open until 7 AM. I arrived at 6:55. There were two people waiting in the lobby; one of them had already been in but got locked out when she went to get a sweater. Apparently, when the employees went in earlier, they had let people in who were waiting. A fourth person arrived, and he heard the door click open at 7 AM and got to the line before the rest of us. The lady who had already been in was already registered, so that left the three of us to deal with the line. 

As I approached the line, the lady who was there before me was now behind me, and I offered her the spot in front of me. She was technically in line before myself or the guy. The guy who had sped through the door didn't offer the same courtesy to her. It wasn't a huge deal as we were next in line to each other, so he saved five minutes by not letting us go before him. GRRR -- but next time, I'll know how the doors work. It wasn't the time; it was the principle! 

I made great progress on the writing front. Three completed articles went out the door, including videos and pictures. And I made a couple more videos, but blast it; you have to be careful. Well, you have to be careful taking pictures or videos. I was filming a segment, and it was only during the playback that I realized that my Alexa was flashing in the background. Why? Probably because of the stupid sale, and it was notifying me of the sale. So I had to retake that one! GRRRR

And to top it off, there is a limit to the video sizes I can send, and this one was over. So I had to break it up. But then I reached my limit for the day of what I could send, so I'll send them this morning. 

Then my headphones ran out of juice, so I had to stop listening to Harry Potter. I could listen with my earbuds, but I prefer the headphones when I'm working around the long arm. I can hear better. So I worked in silence, and that was fine with me. They take a LONG time to recharge. 

My headphones getting recharged

One more customer quilt is done. 

Customer quilt - DONE

While I'm working through the list, it seems to be never-ending. I realized yesterday that one person had sent an extra quilt that I didn't realize was in the bag, and I had another customer who actually has two pieces as well, and I had counted that as one. So the number is back up there! Two steps forward, three steps back!

All the quilts are trimmed except the one I did yesterday. 

Finished quilts ready (almost) for pick-up

They are not quite ready for pickup as I have more to do for these customers. 

And I had fun trimming this one. Oops -- it was a bit wonky, which can happen when it doesn't get measured. With the customer's permission, I whacked off the end. It was easier to do this on the floor where I knew the quilt was straight. 

Trimming off the end of a customer quilt

And I managed to clear off half of the cutting table. Why do I only get half of it clear? Because that's all the space I need! The rest is going to have to wait a bit. 

But I also trimmed some HSTs while I was waiting for the long arm. 

Trimming half-square triangles

I get asked, from time to time, what I do with all my quilts. Right now, lots of them are heaped on the guest bed. And to be honest, I'm tired of moving them around if someone comes to stay. Yes -- they used to be laid out flat, but that's a pain to move, so they are in a heap at the moment. 

Quilt Storage

I still have a few things sitting in my "staging" area in the living room. These are items that are ready to go but just haven't got delivered yet. 

In keeping with the heap and the items sitting in the living room, I decided to donate some more quilts to Quilts of Valour. I grabbed the three remaining quilts I had made from the Oh Canada collections, and they will be dropped off later today. Two were quilts I made as samples for free patterns when I worked at Northcott, and one was made for a magazine. I do NOT use these for my trunk shows - all three of them were published in some form, so I didn't even take pictures of them. Just folded and stacked, ready to go in the car!

Quilts to be donated to Quilts of Valour

And that left a gap on the railing, so I can take three quilts off the guest bed and put them here! And I have a few other places (closets, quilt racks, etc) where I could put a few others so the amount to move off the guest bed is less! 

That freed up the railing!

There are a lot more quilts that can go. They never get used, so there's no reason to keep them. I'm not ready to do a major quilt giveaway, but like my fabric, I'm having to face reality! It's better to donate the quilts so someone can use them than they sit in my house, taking up space! 

I wouldn't have felt right selling those quilts as I only paid for the batting and my time, but there was a reason to make them, and they have served their purpose. I have quite a few like that! Some will never be given away, as I made them for myself, but there are many that can go! Slow and steady! They all have to be dealt with before we downsize, but that is still years away!

I'm off to spin class and have started reserving my bike on the morning of the class. I see that someone "stole" my bike. Oh well, there are 40 other bikes in the room, so I chose another one. One must not become married to a routine! Get over it and move on! 

On that note, I'm out of here. I have a lot more work to do today, but I'm making great progress, so I'm happy. I need to hit the paperwork list, though. Maybe today!

Have a super day!!


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