Friday, July 7, 2023


Do you believe in coincidences? I do! You'll never guess what happened? I got up this morning and decided to dig deep through the T-shirt drawer to find something new. What? That RARELY happens as I'm usually recycling through five different ones. 

This is what I discovered. 

My T-shirt today

Then I opened up my e-mail and found a wonderful e-mail from Helen. She sent a link to James Clear's blog, which is amazing. Here's the link. I also snagged one of the quotes because it's so appropriate for what I said in the blog yesterday, and well -- just who I am about experimenting and being curious. This quote is me! Except I don't need to start asking - I'm already there! 

James is the author of Atomic Habits, a fantastic book to read! I know someone who is constantly rereading that book. We can be anyone we want to be!! 

I won't go into names, but I hate (I know - hate is such a strong word) people who play the victim. If you are an actual victim, sympathy is due, and help is necessary. But to "play" the victim -- I don't buy that. Anyway -- that's pretty random and vague, but I refuse to give it more airtime than that.

If you don't like the way something is, then CHANGE it, don't complain about it! 

So here's some more experimenting, and I'm happy to know that others misread the shoe size chart and have to return! 

Here are my HOKA size 10.5 (women's) hiking shoes. I was afraid they would feel too sloppy, but they are OK with a thicker pair of socks. They are quite comfortable, and I've been watching my feet like a hawk. They get examined daily for hotspots, the start of blisters, calluses, or whatever. So far, so good. Just one callus on my left baby toe, which is the result of a pinch. I have one on the right foot, and as long as my shoes are big enough, it doesn't bother me. 

My new shoes

This scenario reminds me of when I bought shoes because of the color! I know - how silly is that. Now, I buy for many other reasons. And the other thing about shoes is the weight. These look big and clunky, yet they weigh practically nothing! The weight is listed at 8.5 OZ. Now is that per shoe or per pair? Curious! No wonder their slogan is "Fly Human Fly!" 

The price on these Speedgoat 5's is decent, and they come in WIDE widths! Let's see how they perform over time!

I hate to say this to Murphy, but the ball thing is getting old! She will NOT leave it alone. 

MOM -- it's nice - let's play ball

I was outside trying to take pictures, and she was right there, dropping the ball onto what I was attempting to photograph. 

Play ball!

I'll try to stay quiet, Mom, but it's hard! 

MOM - my ball is my most favorite thing!

And then the skies went crazy, and the wind came up. 

The skies went grey

I didn't take a video, but my wind sculpture was spinning quite nicely! It can withstand winds up to 90 MPH, or was that KPH? Let's hope we never have to test it! 

The wind sculpture went crazy

And then the rains came. 

Unsettled skies

The temperature dropped, and it feels COLD this morning, even though it says it's 20 degrees outside. 

Angry looking clouds

Lexi rode out the storm in her comfy spot under the shed. 

Hi Mom -- all is good here! 

While Murphy sat outside in the rain until I told her to come in, and then she made a huge wet mess. 

Hey Mom -- it's raining outside!

So did I accomplish what I wanted? Almost. I'm very meticulous about editing my documents. Not so much the blog but any articles I write. Before I send them to the editor, I want them to be pretty clean, which takes time. Now, one just needs a final quick read; I have another draft done, and it won't take long to edit that one as it's short. Two four-minute videos were produced, and I finished reading a book on my break. My days are very long, and I take several short breaks throughout to keep me going. No radio or audiobook to distract - this is heads-down thinking stuff! 

I love working on my own. It fills me with much happiness, and I think that is a result of coming to grips with the fact that ONLY ME, MYSELF, and I are in charge of my happiness in this world. If I don't like something, only I can change that! And I would never want to depend on someone else unless I had no choice! 

The day went very well, except for the evening when I could NOT find my car keys. I am DILIGENT about putting them back in my purse. I NEVER forget, yet last night, when I went to locate them, they were nowhere to be found. I checked everywhere and even accused DH (who is away) of taking them. I know -- how childish was that! 

Let's retrace our steps from the last time I had them. Then I returned to my purse, which was sitting on a chair, which I had grabbed and searched several times. Then I stood back and looked at the chair, and there were my keys. They were BESIDE the purse, not in it! I guess they slipped when I put them in. DUH!!!! So I am NOT going crazy -- just need to be a bit more careful. The search took less than 10 minutes, so no big deal!

Well, I'm off to write more, edit more, and just get things done! After the rain stopped, I walked some of the fabric to Diane's last night. I have two more trips! 

Have a super day!!!



  1. Atomic Habits is a terrific book. I too dislike victims. Whining gets old!

  2. Last spring I drove my DHs Tacoma so I could haul something. When I came home, I put the keys in my coat pocket. When I went to get them, not in my coat pocket. I searched and searched. Never found them. Fast forward to last month, I wore my coat because it was raining. I was getting something else out of my coat pocket and I ended up emptying my coat pocket, low and behold, there are the keys to the Tacoma. Right where I thought they were, and I had searched for them in the pocket multiple times. That's not the first time that kind of thing has happened to me. Grrr...