Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 16 - Drumheller to Youngstown

We have WiFi tonight. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Going to try and catch up on the past couple of days.

Here are a couple of pictures from our night in Drumheller.

Here is the shelter where we weathered the storm.  It really wasn't a big deal  - just lots of wind and rain.  No TORNADO

Hard to tell, but that wind was VERY STRONG

Here are some of the group as we waited for our pizza. Then when the storm picked up - we went to the Rec Hut. It was a fun night - we had pizza - played games - Scattegories and Yahtzee. 

Looking down from the balcony in the rec hall

Neal was fortunate enough to miss the entire storm - well he weathered it out in a hotel in town with his wife and dog.

Susan, Neal and Risa - the morning that we left Drumheller

It was a long day - we rode 145 KM. We had to climb out of Drumheller but it wasn't that bad of a climb as we had about 10 K before the climb to warm up.

Looking back into the Badlands after we climbed out

The terrain was pretty flat, but at one point we had to ride 20 K into a headwind and boy do I LOVE the headwind!!!!!!

I took this picture in case you have never seen a Texas gate before. They are used a LOT out here to keep animals in or out depending on the situation. 

We stopped at a small town called Delia for PIE and of course Neal had to have ice cream with his pie. I mean - how can you have pie without ice cream. Well I didn't have ice cream. I did have a hot chocolate, but I have decided to swear off the hot chocolate. It just doesn't sit well in my stomach with the hard work.

Neal and his cherry pie and ice cream

Then we turned the corner and went STRAIGHT to Youngstown. For some reason the last 10 K were tough. Just a tough slog and I was very glad to get in.

When we arrived in Youngstown, we had the opportunity to sleep inside, but I knew from past experience that sleeping inside may not always be what it is cracked up to be. Too many people and everyone makes noise so I set up my tent outside and had a great sleep.

We had some excitement during the day when we stopped to look at some cows in a field. Of course, Michel - our Mr. PR. starts talking to the cows and YES - they come over to the gate!!!!!   All of them looking at him like they were waiting for something!!!!   When we left, the cows followed us down the fence as far as they could. It was pretty funny!!!!

The cows were VERY disappointed that Michel had NOTHING for them

The roads were NOT all that good in spots. The shoulder was NARROW and there was a  rumble strip on the shoulder. It meant that we had to keep a close eye on the road. Some chose to ride on the road but this is two way traffic and I decided the shoulder was a better place to be. 

I thought the sign outside this farm was cute. Welcome to TIN CITY!!!!!

You can see FOREVER here!!!!!!

The BEST part of the day was the POT LUCK dinner that was served to us by the folks of Youngstown. For a small community, they went all out and made us feel so WELCOME. It was small town hospitality at its BEST.

Preparing the feast

The tables were groaning under the weight of all of the food

Thank you so much to ALL the people of Youngstown - you made that day one of the best on the trip.

It is the 25th year of Tour Du Canada and they made us a cake!!!!!!!!  I mean they went all out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I even had some of the leftover cake for breakfast the next morning. Yum YUM.

Having dinner

This is what happens when you eat too much. And we ALL ate too much, but how could we NOT!!!!!!

And YES - they had ice cream. So Neal got ice cream TWICE  in one day

The few tents that went up outside

People set up their little spaces around the room.

I think that pretty much covers that day. I still have FOUR more days to catch up, but that is it for now. I will catch up tomorrow.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!


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