Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 30 - Dryden to Taylor's Cove




OH MY GOD - what is happening????

We were all woken up with noise. There was a MASSIVE storm that went through. The wind was blowing our tents - basically flattening them against us. The wind was whipping around the tents and the two tent pegs that hold my vestibule in place - ZING ZING and they were GONE. The vestibule was now flapping in the BRISK breeze and my stuff in the vestibule was instantly WET. I opened the tent to grab a few things (my good riding jacket was out there). I managed to snag the jacket and my chair and pulled the rest of the stuff under the tarp and tucked the vestibule flap against the tent.

The thunder was DEEP, LOUD and RIGHT OVER TOP of us. The lightening (whether is was sheet or fork) was CONSTANT. I have NEVER NEVER NEVER seen or been in a storm like that in my life. And I sure didn't want to be in a tent!!!!!

No one panicked, no one screamed - we were all in shock and wondering - what was going to happen. I have three sets of tent poles on my tent and one of them was crooked and I had no idea what to do - so I just sat there - trying to collect my thoughts. I don't even know how long the storm lasted, but it was a fair time. It sort of died down and then it picked up again.

At one point, when things had sort of quietened down, I heard the truck open and the someone got in the cab of the truck. That could only be Adam (our driver). Oh dear - what was happening and how did the others fare????

I finally fell asleep. But people were up very early in the morning to access the damage. Adam's tent had blown completely over on its side and he thought it was a goner. That is why he went to the truck. Joyce and Dan - tent was completely kaput and they needed to buy a new tent. Lots of bent tent poles - we had no water and no electricity. A large tree near where Bill, Dan and Joyce put their tents - completely uprooted. One of the outdoor toilets - someone didn't close the door properly and the pedestal sink inside was destroyed. Bill was worried because he had pitched his tent beside a METAL swing set. But he was OK.

In checking the news for weather in the Dryden area that night - it appears that there were tornados, but nothing was confirmed.

I will try to find the web site with the information. But we did see trees down on the road on our ride the next day.

We can all blame it on Bill as he INSISTED on pitching his tent - not only beside the metal swing set, but the BIG DUCK.

Let's just say that it was a pretty scary night!!!!!!

We started our ride early and it was a weird day. Even though everyone was OK - I think everyone was still thinking about the night before.

The ride was "interesting". We saw rocks and trees, then trees and rocks, then rocks and trees. I felt like I was on one of those cartoon shows where the background goes around and around. That pretty much summed up what we saw that entire day. Oooops - did I mention the occasional lake????

Now one thing - when we ride together (Neil, Michel and myself) - we don't really ride together. Neil and Michel are stronger than I am and usually ride ahead. I keep up the rear. I don't know why I can't keep up to them, but for some reason, I just like hanging out in the back and sometimes - I am at least 1 K behind them. I am OK with that. I just do my own thing.

I hadn't really paid attention to the map, but we are VERY close to the US at this point. And it seemed that every second vehicle on the road was a truck with a boat behind. When I started to pay attention - it seemed that all those trucks and boats were from the US. I don't know how many passed us - but there were LOTS - probably more than 100 easily.

We took the day slow. Slogged out 20K at a time. It was not a fun day and there was a headwind the entire way. Also we were headed slightly SW instead of SE (that was just the direction of the highway) and honestly after the night we had - well I just wasn't in the mood for a happy day of riding. Loads of headwind or cross wind ALL DAY. My knee (my torn meniscus) was bothering me somewhat or just my calf muscle. I did take an Advil when I got into camp to help and I was careful on the ride to stretch as much as I could.

Got into camp around 4 PM and got everything laid out and dried. The sky did not look promising so I put everything in the tent - it was dry by then and yep - it started to rain. But only for a few minutes - then it cleared up again.

Let's just say that when I put my tent up tonight - the tent pegs were POUNDED DEEP into the ground.
Oh yes - I have to tell you about the map. So yesterday, it was raining and my map holder on my front bag needs to be water proofed. So with the rain - the edges of the map were getting wet. The wetness was seeping toward the center of the map. When I got into camp, I carefully took the map from the holder and spread it out to dry. It was perfectly dry. I forgot to take it to the truck. I also had left it in the vestibule of the tent. So when those pegs went - that map became a MASS OF PULP!!!!   It was pretty funny - like I wasn't meant to have that map!!!!   I also lost one of my big ZIPLOC bags that I put my pillows in. But that is easily replaced. Everything else was fine.

Adam did stop part way on the ride to give us water as there was NO SERVICES on this part of the road. Lots of bugs today and then you wish you had a headwind to keep them away. Where are those PERFECT days of riding?????

There is lots of wind tonight, but nothing like the previous night. It sounds like rain, but isn't and lulls me to sleep. And boy do I need sleep.

On that note - I am out of here.

Have a good day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Sounds like you were fortunate to come through that with only the loss of a bag and a map.

    I think of you on my little 10k rides while the boys are in swimming lessons. I am so impressed with your physical and mental stamina.