Saturday, November 5, 2016

Can you tell the time?

Time - what a crazy thing!  Often when I travel and sometimes even when I don't, I don't bother syncing the time on my FitBit. Just one more piece of technology that will mess with my brain. We have a time change tonight as well which is going to totally mess me up.

I was hustling around yesterday morning so I could get to the show early to walk around and see some of the booths before the show opened.  I've only got ONE hour so hustle, hustle, hustle.

I arrived a bit early because I needed to pick up the book for the show as mine seemed to have gone missing in action. Picked up the book, sat down and finally had a look at it and at last, the show door opened for vendors and I was in.

Of course, my notebook (which is too big to fit in my pouch) was back at the hotel, so I did have to sneak a flyer from a booth to have something to write on.

Made notes of shops carrying license plates, patterns for me to investigate, patterns for me to buy (as if I need any more) and other items of note. Now it is a quarter to, so back to the booth to prep it for the day. Several people stopped by and I'm thinking, don't people need to be getting their booths set up. It did seem a tad quiet.

As I'm talking to one couple, I realise that I arrived TWO hours in advance, not one!!!  DUH - no concept of time. And now I've sort of wasted that second hour of the day because everything was set up in the booth. Not that it would have mattered to leave it, but DUH!!!  It was fine as several other people stopped by and we chatted and the time did go by!

I'm a bit mad at myself because that would have given me almost EIGHT hours in total to peruse the show and not have anyone to bother me as I zipped through the quilts and the booths.  No worries - I have two hours this morning and two tomorrow. Also, tomorrow which is the last day of the show is usually pretty dead so I plan to spend a good part of it on the floor.

I spend almost the entire day again at the wheel having fun with the customers and giving them my spiel about our product.

Our microchip pack of Stonehenge Gradations Brights

And on the back of that little pack is a secret location where you can download the pattern for these.
Mini quilt

Table runner

I have to say that both items are very simple, but the audience is loving them and very happy that they can get the pattern for free. It's all very ego building!

Don't worry, I won't change. I'll still be the same crazy person that I am. We have some other items that we are giving away and honestly the reaction of people when they win a bigger prize is so worth standing there all day.  Hugs, tears and lots of awesome comments about the Northcott product. We quilters are truly a wonderful bunch of people!!!

It's not just those that are winning a bigger prize that are commenting on our products. It would appear that thousands of quilters are using the Stonehenge product. We've seen so many pictures of projects made with Stonehenge. The feedback is awesome. And it's all very exciting.

I will likely arrive back home and not have a voice and that's OK.  I don't need to talk to anyone! Just keep following the blog.

But here's the deal.  It is nice to go out with the group after the show for dinner. Let's face it - we're all famished which was reflected in the fact that the server could barely keep the bowl of chips and dip full on our table until our orders arrived.

They also like to stay up late and chat which is great and very stimulating conversation, but seriously folks?  I'm up early, I'm on the floor early and I need SLEEP.  I only got 6 hours last night and so I'm going to have to pace myself today!

As you know, I have NOT finished my 365 block-a-day quilt, nor have I started my Town and Country quilt. And there are going to be tons of projects out there for the Canadian Sesquicentennial. Including this one which I saw on Facebook this morning.  ACK!!!!!

On that note, I'm very cognizant of the time this morning and I need to have breakfast so it's time to get ready for the day!

Have a super day!!!


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  1. Elaine, you gotta stop with the links!!!lol. I need no more projects, but now I am in......:)