Sunday, November 27, 2016

Classes for 2017

As this year winds down, I'm gearing up for 2017!

In trying to keep things under control and to some circumstances beyond my control, my teaching schedule will be somewhat limited in 2017.  I'm OK with that - it will hopefully give me time to get caught up on a few things and to actually keep up with my homework!

Without further ado, here are the on-going monthly classes for 2017.   These first two classes will be held at The Hobby Horse Quilt Shoppe in Georgetown.  Please contact the shop (905-877-9292) to sign up, pay for your class, order books and fabrics.

The first one is a recent book by Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket quilts. The quilt is called Quilter's Patch and it's gorgeous. I saw it at Quilt Market.

Quilter's Patch by Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts

The quilt is 75" by 78 1/2" and loads of techniques to learn each month.   I can't wait to get started growing my garden!

The second quilt is called Kaleidoscope by Stephanie Soebbing from Quilt Addicts Anonymous.  This is a large quilt (108 square), but it's gorgeous with all those bright colors. This one is super easy and great for all levels.  If you want to challenge yourself, why not change up the color scheme and learn about value and color contrast.  I think I might make TWO of them.  One in the original colors and a second colorway that I'm thinking about!

Kaleidoscope by Stephanie Soebbing

Both of these classes are lecture style. The lecture starts with show n tell from the previous month's work, you get a walk through of the new techniques for the next assignment, a small demo on new tools or techniques and if there's time, regular show n tell.
The classes run on Saturday morning (dates available when you sign up) for 6 months (January to June), no classes in July and August (but you will have homework!), back to class for September and October and the final show n tell is in November.

Please contact The Hobby Horse (905-877-9292) to sign up.  I showed these quilts yesterday and without any advertising, there are already many sign-ups.  Do not be disappointed!

I'll also be teaching my usual technique classes - machine quilting, free motion quilting and machine applique - which by the way are ALL worth taking.  There isn't one person who doesn't leave the machine quilting class and not say "thank you - I learned way more than I thought I would!"  Trust me, a machine quilting class is NOT all about stitching on the machine. Loads more to think about than just the sewing machine.  The dates aren't set yet, but why not get your name on the list so when the class date is set, which will be soon, you'll be the first to get in the class!

Another class that I'll be teaching at The Hobby Horse Quilt Shoppe is Fancy Forest by Elizabeth Hartman. This adorable quilt comes in two sizes and this is an actual sewing class.  You'll bring your sewing machine, we'll cut blocks and you'll learn the various techniques. It will likely be a two-part or three-part class so we can cover all the details. Those classes will be on a Saturday afternoon, AFTER the two lecture classes mentioned above.

Fancy Forest by Elizabeth Hartman

There is LIMITED space in this class as people seemed to know about this one before I even showed the pattern.  I would NOT wait to sign up!  If there is enough demand, I'll run it again!  This quilt comes in TWO sizes - a small baby quilt and a large lap.

I will also be teaching a couple of classes on MODERN QUILTING at Ruti's Needlebed. Those will also be on a Saturday, likely in February and March.  I will continue the series, if the demand is there.  If you're interested, please contact Ruti's Needlebed (905-821-9370).  Who knows - we may just get ourselves the start of a local Modern Quilt Guild!  The specific dates are being decided tomorrow.    The Modern Quilting class will be a lecture style - we'll chat about modern quilts and then you'll get an assignment.  It's going to be loads of fun and with modern quilting - anything goes!

I'm super excited about these classes.  I wish I had time for more as I absolutely love to teach. And as anyone knows who has taken a class from me, I'm pretty darn flexible so the more changes you make to a pattern - the more you learn and the more I learn from you!

So please sign up, order your books, the supply lists will be available real soon (like I'm working on them later today) and I'll see you in 2017!!!!

Have a super day!!!


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