Saturday, July 1, 2017

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Birthday Canada - 150 years! 

I vaguely remember the 100th birthday.  1967. I was young and went to school in the country. Yes - a one room schoolhouse - imagine how old that makes me!  Actually it was a two-room schoolhouse that year. Grades 7 - 12 in one room and Grades 1 - 6 in the other. Anyway, there was a Confederation Train (here's another link)  that was going from coast to coast with displays about Canada. It came to my closest town and the older kids from the school got to go. My brother got to go. I did not. Was I upset?  You bet - I wanted to see that train!

I was watching the morning TV program while sweating my heart out at the gym yesterday and they interviewed two women who were in Ottawa for the Canada Day celebrations.  When asked how long they had been planning this trip, the response was FIFTY YEARS.  In 1967, as young girls, they made a pact to be in Ottawa for the 150th birthday!!!  WOW --- I had no visions of that in 1967 and so I'll spend a quiet day at home. And I'm OK with that!  I'm really not a fan of crowds. 

But here is my Sesquicentennial quilt pattern. The pattern is done!  It's been looked over by someone else, by me a thousand times and the graphics guys have assembled all the pictures and formatting. All that remains is ONE last look before it goes on the web page.  So sorry it can't be there for you to start making your Coast to Coast to Coast quilts this weekend, but I'd rather get it right than have you all yell at me!

Coast to Coast to Coast quilt pattern
 Barring any major issues, it'll go up on the web site sometime on Tuesday.   Yeah - one more pattern written and only 6???? more to write!

I'm really liking coming home and chilling in the backyard right after work.  Oh wait - I have to tell you about work yesterday. The office was very empty with many people taking the day off for an extra long weekend. I got so much work done it was amazing. All those little piddly jobs that you put off, the obscure e-mails, I got a LOT done.  I need about 4 more days like that.

I finished a quilt top this morning. It's the same one that was made for this past deadline but this one is made with different fabric. So similiar but different - the one that went to the magazine is nicer. That quilt did arrive and the little note in my micro binder is gone. I just need to make the binding and the backing for this other one. And Lorna (Sew Fresh Quilts) offered up a good suggestion to remember to use those nice labels. She makes the binding and puts the label with the binding so when she's ready to sew the binding to the quilt, she won't forget.  SMART!  The labels are sitting on the cutting table!

Today, I was going to work on one of my Task Master list projects and I will, but first I thought I could get this quilt top sewn together. There are 35 blocks. It shouldn't take long.  I'm not sure if I'll put a border on. I don't have anymore of the green fabric. I'll see how big it is when it's together. It's small, but small is OK.

35 quilt blocks make a quilt top!
 And these are extras that are going on the back. Got to find some backing which shouldn't be hard. Well, there's so much to look through - that's the hard part. But there is lots to choose from.

Bits for the backing
 And I found this in the bag as well.  Scraps of the green, scraps of the creams and a note. A note to me tellling me what needed to be done.  OK - but did I cross off what was supposed to be done?  Nope!!!  I'm thinking that everything looks done according to the note.  I'll deal with this mess later today.

Scraps and a note

I do need to do some work on my next deadline which is July 10, but I also want to have a day to do whatever I want in the studio. Well within reason!  NO starting a new unscheduled project.  I'm not that crazy!

But once this is done, I hope to get the March Task Master project on the wall and finish it (them).  It's borders on 4 small quilts. Shouldn't be that hard to get done.

And on that note, I'm out of here!

Have a super Canada Day!!!!


PS --- I'm an idiot.  I arrive at the dog park and notice a couple of people wearing red T-shirts, or Canada themed T-shirts.  What am I wearing???   I HEART NY   - yep - only me would do that!  I'll change if I have to leave the house.  I did zip up my hoodie!  Yep - that's me - a true Canadian!  Never mind - I almost posted an Amercian themed quilt this morning on my blog.  What's up with that?

Out of here!

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  1. Happy Canada Day! I finished my "Canada 150" wall hanging around 10PM last night and even got it hung up so it greeted me this morning! What a wonderful way to start Canada's 150 birthday!