Friday, July 21, 2017

Tidying up!

OH SHOOT --- the links to McCall's were not working yesterday.  Thanks Trixie for the alert.  They ARE WORKING today.  So sorry for that.

There are no pictures today.  That just didn't happen.  (and thanks to all who sent me tips about the bobbins - I'll be recapping on the weekend - I hope!)

As I was sewing last night, I noticed that my cutting table was once again piled high with stuff. How does that happen?  I clean it off so I can work and then POOF - it's full again.

It was piled high with the next couple of projects that I have to work on and a few projects that are temporarily on hold.  I put the fabric for each in a plastic bag and placed it on a small stool beside the cutting table.  Now I had space to work again.

Tonight will be a tidy up night.  I got that one quilt in a FedEx box and on it's way to the US. It should have arrived yesterday.  I realised that the next one isn't due until the end of the month, so I was able to ease up on that one a bit. BUT the top was completed last night, the backing is made and the binding is waiting to be sewn together.  I'll get it loaded on the long arm tonight.

I have bindings for three quilts - all cut and pinned together that need to be sewn together and pressed. That's a job for tonight as well. There is also the border strips for those construction quilts - they are cut and pinned together - just need to sewn and pressed.  Hopefully that will happen tonight as well.  I might even get one more top completed?

I counted - there are FIVE deadline quilts left to be done by September 1.  Plus a couple of quilts that need to be quilted.  So I'm in pretty good shape that way.  Remember, the quilts I make are not complicated - no one wants a pattern for a complicated quilt!  It makes such a difference to have stuff written down - either in The Task Master or the Deadline Book.  BOTH have been a huge help. I don't think I've ever been this productive in my life!

There is one group of fabric that I've been struggling over for months trying to find a design to make.  NOTHING came to mind.  Well the deadline is looming fast and I need something. I've been experimenting and haven't come up with anything that makes me super happy.  Last night, I was messing around with EQ7 and came up with something that is OK.  No more time to waste on the design - tonight will be cutting and stitching to try and get that one done by Monday so it can be delivered on time.

Once September hits, it's going to be totally crazy as we start to prep for the fall shows - I need to get all this other stuff out of the way.

I love these summer days. I get home from work at a decent hour because I get to work early.  I take my book and relax in the backyard. As much as one can when there are two very needy dogs demanding attention. And if you won't give them any attention, they start to do cute stuff so you have no choice but to watch them!

Life is good!

On that note, I'm trying to get a lot of stuff cleaned off my desk this morning.  Better get at it!

Have a super day!!!


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