Friday, October 6, 2017

Birthday Bash recap!

It was a late, late night at the guild last night and almost 11 before I got home. The ramp to the highway was closed so that took even more time to get home.  I fell into bed and I think I'm still asleep.  My body has become so used to an early bedtime -well relatively early.  I`ve become a creature of habit!

So - no time to give you a proper blog post this morning.  However, I found this recap of some of the highlights of the MSQC  Birthday Bash

Have a look at the pictures.  All of these pictures bring back tons of memories.  See that picture of them all in green in front of the mural - I took a picture of them getting their picture taken!

See the charity quilts?  I was sewing about five feet in front of Jenny that night. And the long arm quilting- I was there.  But look at the racks and racks of quilts behind the long arm that are waiting to be quilted.  I bet that a lot of those are already gone back to the owner after being quilted.

See Rob standing on the counter doing his presentation?  I had to go up and down the stairs behind him during his presentation a few times!   Oh yes - this brings back a lot of memories - all good!!!

It`s going to be a pedal to the metal weekend as far as sewing goes.  There are three more magazine quilts to be done (how the heck did that happen anyway?????)  PLUS the one that didn't get completed this past week.  And a few things to make for Market!   I need better planning skills!! 

Have a super day!!!!


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