Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hey - I'm home!!!!!!

Wow - so nice to be home and know that I am going to be here for a while. I am really stepping out of my comfort zone here as I NEVER went anywhere for more than one week and I would feel antsy to get back home. I am becoming someone different in my old age!

We did NOT get a good night sleep on our last night. We had these wonderful ladies next door to us (no - NOT ladies of the night - well not THOSE ladies of the night), but they would arrive at their room around 11:30 PM and then proceeded to laugh and whoop it up despite our banging on the wall.

Well we had to get up at 4 AM. Needless to say - we were NOT quiet. And when my alarm kept ringing an asked if I didn't know how to shut it off, I just held it next to the wall!!!!!

Had to take a taxi to the airport as the trains were not running yet. And I can see why - it was DARK out and DESERTED. I mean there was NO ONE on the street - nary a bike, a couple of pedestrians, no cars, no street cars. That main street in Amsterdam was like a ghost town. And Dam Square - EMPTY. I don't think we got any pictures of that.

The lady at the hotel had advised us that for domestic flight (we were flying to Frankfurt) we had to be at the airport TWO hours in advance so hence we arrived at 5 AM. We were through check-in and security pretty quickly and when we arrived at the gate - it was DESERTED as well. Oh well - had a little snooze while M caught up on the internet since her friends were still up back home.

Slept on the plane to Frankfurt and when we arrived all I can say is Frankfurt is a HUGE airport. I had been there before, but not on a connecting flight. We were off loaded out in the boon docks of the airport and loaded onto a bus and then drove for at least TEN minutes before we arrived at the terminal. And our flight was delayed, but remembering advice from Marian - NEVER book a connecting flight unless you have AT LEAST TWO HOURS between flights which we did. So we had time to find the gate, get food, go pee, go through the passport security check and then relax a bit before we boarded the plane.

Had loads of room in economy (it is worth the extra $75 to book that exit row - there is NO ONE in front of you and you have tons of room to stretch out!!!!! - Alas - not much of a window, but it is all about space, not a window!!!!)  I tried to sleep as much as I could on the plane, but I also read a lot.

Upon arriving in Toronto we saw the sad news that Jack Layton had died of cancer. Very sad and he seemed to go fast, unless the seriousness of his cancer had been concealed to the public. After a LONG wait for the luggage, clearing customs and the plane was late arriving - we were HOME.

First stop - get some food at Tim Horton's. Yeah.

I spent most of the afternoon reading, but had a shock when I went to drive my car. It had been driven while I was away?????   Hmmmmm - let's go back to the start of the summer when my keys went missing - remember that?????   I will NEVER forget my panic that day. Let's just say that a certain teenager is responsible for it along with a "friend" of said teenager. I had a chat with the other parents last night. I am SO MAD - I can't even think straight. And I really really tried to get back into regular sleep routine so off to bed at 10 PM last night. BUT I woke up mad and I can't sleep. So I created a list of what those teenagers are going to have to do for chores to make up for what they did. I won't bore you with the details - I am sure you all have teenagers who did STUPID things. They are so lucky that no one got hurt!!!!

I have prepared a list of things to do today so no aimless wandering. I must say that I have come back feeling energized, motivated and I want to be productive!!!!! I want to clean my house - I want to get rid of stuff - or yes - I want to sew!!!!!  I want to organize and tidy up. I want to make lists!!!!!!

By the way - here is a question for you. A couple of years ago - I started keeping a list of books I have read. The list is just in a notebook, but the longer the list, the more I am thinking it isn't very productive if I need to reference the list. I searched the internet for an app or program that would keep track of lists, but didn't really find what I am looking for. I was to keep track of the author, title, date read and be able to sort on any field. Does anyone know of anything like that???????   My only option that I know of is to use a spreadsheet which I am OK with but wanted to know if there is anything better??????

And I think I mentioned that just before I left, I bought an upgrade for Microsoft Office. So now I am motivated to deal with my e-mail on a daily basis (they are so many options in this program - except I haven't figured out how to print yet!!!!!!)   Just got to make realistic lists to get things done!!!!!!!!    Oh yes - if you thought I was anal and organized before - just watch out!!!!!!!

On that note - I am starving and I guess I will go and scrounge up some food. (not that there is any bread left since Sparky had a feast when I left the brand new loaf on the counter last night!!!!!!!)

Hey - WELCOME HOME!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!


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  1. Would one of these work for your book list? Shelfari, LibraryThing, Collectorz. Check them out.

    Glad you survived your European vacation and made it home safe and sound.