Monday, August 29, 2011

Round Robin Update

It is time for the LAST exchange of the round robin. Only a couple of months until the final reveal. I am getting excited. I almost could NOT contain myself yesterday when they were looking at mine and I was waiting it out in the hallway. I almost got up and burst onto the patio screaming - I WANT TO SEE MY QUILT!!!!!!!

However common sense prevailed and I waited it out!!!   I WANT ALL THE QUILTS. Each one has it own personality and they all look amazing!!!   I must confess that I did NOT get my homework complete for this exchange. I had started and even got two borders sewn on. I was NOT happy with my fabric choice and was trying to convince myself that it was OK. Then when I spoke to Marian yesterday and confessed my concern - she piped up - "the fabric is too light". Well yeah - if you thought that two days ago - you SHOULD have told me. GRRRRRRR!!!!   She NEEDS to speak up - then maybe I could have completed the homework!!!  

Oh well - it is an easy border so won't take that long to get it done. Unfortunately I cannot show you any pictures cause it is all HUSH HUSH. I am so surprised that no one has accidentally seen their quilt or that we have blabbed about it in front of the owner. We KNOW how to keep secrets.

When I got home - I decided to get some quilting done and completed this small community project quilt.

Community project quilt

Then I got another one (of my own) ready to go. I loaded the back - found FOUR pieces of batting that together are big enough for the batting. I just LOVE using up those pieces!!!!!!   I will loading the quilt today and hopefully get it done later in the afternoon. I am on a roll!!!!!!   After this - I have one more of mine that I would like to sneak in and then it's time to get busy on customer stuff!!!!   The pile is getting higher!!!  And Marian - where is Wish Upon a Star????????

Today is Monday Motivator. I am excited - it will be nice to see the girls again and get back into some kind of routine if that is possible!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!


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