Sunday, August 21, 2011

My European 'vacate - Day Thirteen - Amsterdam redeems itself

Well we are both running out of steam. Will be glad to get back home. Today we decided to take it easy.

So I let M sleep in a bit and I was up early (for once) and decided that I was going to get this virtual geocache. Don't worry about the technical term. Anyway -after some research I realized that there were TWO caches at the same spot. Hmmm - did I say this yesterday??? Anyway - I got up bright and early and took a walk over. I know the way by heart now - actually it isn't that far away now that I know the direct path there. When I arrived - the building was LOCKED and the security guard said it would be locked all day. Yikes - I was bummed out. And felt stupid because I had not done the research the day before.

Then off to do the on/off bus. That was something easy to do today - not a lot of walking and a good chance to get one last look at Amsterdam. We decided to get off the bus at the Hard Rock Cafe stop. I KNOW!!!! How tacky, but we got to sit right by the water and had a great lunch. M even had a strawberry daiquiri that I do believe had alcohol in it - no wonder she was so tired after!!!! Won't she be the life of the party when she gets older.

Anyway - The Rijkmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum were close by and we walked past both of them. OK - so I didn't encourage her to go in. I could NOT have faced a museum today. As I said before - we are not museum types. Then we had a walk through Vongel Park which is absolutely stunning.

This part of Amsterdam is much less crowded and much more beautiful. It is almost like different tourists go here!!!! Which they probably do!!!

So yes there are parts of Amsterdam that are beautiful, but I am very glad we stayed where we did. Definitely a contrast in life styles in both places!!!! And one requires a LOT more money than the other one does. Also not so much tourist flash and souvenir shops and such.

We hopped back on the bus and continued the journey back to the hotel. We did not get off at any other stops. Like I said - we are getting tired of playing tourist.

Back at the hotel, M needed a nap. Good grief - who is the old person and who is young???? Anyway after some contemplation, I decided to head out to that virtual geocache one last time. I mean - it is a very interesting site (talking about the water levels of Amsterdam and how they are controlled). Back I went - took a bit more time because people were now on the street, but I arrived at City Hall where the exhibit is and YES - the building was open (only the part where the exhibit is housed). I got the information I needed and then back to the hotel.

We had also purchased tickets for the canal tour and had fun on that. I had taken it last year, but was still fun to see everything again and now that I sort of knew my way around - it was better.

By this time we were starving so back to the restaurant in the hotel where the food is pretty decent. M had the same thing as last night - her chicken with melted brie and a gravy which she promptly devoured. Ah the adventuresome girl!!!!

Now it is time to pack up for the last time. Our first flight leaves at 7 AM and apparently we have to be there TWO hours before. Oh yeah - the trains aren't even running at that time so we have to take a taxi!!!!!! It is going to be a LONG day.

Better get some sleep to rest up.

Have a great day!!!!


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