Saturday, August 20, 2016

Canadian Quilters!

I came home last night, got the mail and was EXCITED!   The latest Canadian Quilter magazine had arrived.

I've been a member of this Canadian organization for a long long time, and I was somewhat active for a while (I entered a couple of quilts in the show and wrote a few articles for the magazine). After teaching and attending Quilt Canada this past June, I feel a whole lot more connected to the people in the magazine and also the organization.

Why is that?  I got to spend some quality time (because I volunteered) with the people in the magazine!

And did you know that we have a LOT of talent amongst us Canadian Quilters!  Many of you who have those talents are so reluctant to share for fear of failure, for fear of exposure or perhaps for fear of public speaking!

As I gear up for the "new" year, my calendar is filled with speaking engagements at guilds and I'm so pumped - it's going to be loads of fun!  Trying to plan some events in local stores as well and let's not forget the classes. While I don't have as much time to teach as I used to (and I miss it dreadfully!!), I'm going to have to rely on the few opportunities that I do have to keep in touch with everyone.  Stay tuned for some pretty exciting events!!!!

I'll be putting together my calendar and sharing it with you all very very soon so that if you want to take a class or attend one of my lectures, you'll know if there is anything close to you!   What I really really need is a good web site but alas, there seems to be no time to make that happen!

Speaking of classes, I do try to take a class from time to time myself.  I have a small window of opportunity at Quilt Festival this year and trying to choose from the many options as to what to take and then hope I can get in!  Something that doesn't require taking loads of supplies - I hate those classes because you rarely use most of what you take!

OK - back to the magazine.

Current issue of Canadian Quilter

There are loads of interesting articles in the magazine. Inspirational messages from the President and other members of the organization. Articles about Canadian Designers, Canadian quilt stores, a couple of patterns and so much more.  I flipped through it from cover to cover last night - didn't read everything yet, but noticed a couple of things.  A couple of topics for future magazines caught my eye that would make interesting articles - might write one or two. And there is the Trend-Tex challenge which will be available.  I bought one of the challenges last year at the silent auction.  It's hanging in my office right now or I'd take a picture of it for you. That brings me to another thought - challenges - why do people enter challenges and what makes a good challenge????   I have to say that some of my most creative pieces have been the result of a challenge.  I think I'm going to take note of the entry date and get a kit.

And as a bonus, in this issue is the catalogue of the quilts that were in the National Juried show. It was so fun to have a look back at the quilts. Having handled everyone of those quilts during the judging process - I felt like I got to know each piece a little bit and now having access to who and how and why the pieces were made as outlined in the catalogue (yes that information was on the labels at the show, but not the same) - well it was wonderful to look back at all the quilts and see the prize winners in the magazine.

National Juried Show catalogue 2016
Seriously - we should all be members of the Canadian Quilter's Association. Over and over again, I hear laments about stores closing (and there are some shockers at the moment - did you know The Quilting Bee in Fonthill is for sale or it's closing?  (just the store - not the long arm business).    We have to support LOCAL.  While it is one thing to be part of the BIG movement in the US, (they are big because they have more members, stores, etc). But if we don't create those numbers in Canada - guess what?   GONE!!!!!!!!

 That goes for quilt guilds as well.   Yes - I know guilds can be a pain in the side sometimes, but I've been a guild member of numerous guilds for my entire quilting career and I love them.   What I get out of the guilds can never be had off the internet. Sharing experiences in person, getting access to books, meeting new people - well - it just doesn't get any better than doing all that with real people!!!!

As if all that wasn't exciting enough, some fabric that I've been waiting for arrived at work so now I have some exciting designing ahead of me.

You see where all of this is going????   Yep - crazy busy!!!!!!

And yet last night when I got home, I was tired. Still fighting that cold, but I'm keeping it at bay - just a slightly scratchy throat in the morning and it had better stay that way! And what's with this LONG LONG storm last night - much lightening and thunder for hours (or so it seemed).

I think it's time to get out the calendar, mark some deadlines and get back to that weekly goal setting and it had better be for more than just quilts!  

Yes - scheduling is going to become a HUGE thing in my life.  I won't be able to get everything done if I don't.

Now I'm off to the International Plowing match today to see the quilts and a couple of vendors.  I'm excited!!!!  And I'm throwing in a bit of Row by Row and classroom prep.  Can you tell - it's a jam packed day!!!!!!

Have a super day!


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