Sunday, August 7, 2016

Day Seven - Kamloops to Clearwater

Despite the weird conditions in our room, I did manage to have a not so bad sleep.  Even after a rest day, you're still tired!

Up at the regular time and got everything packed onto the truck, had breakfast and was ready to go. While I like my breakfast, I just can't each a lot before heading out. So it was a banana and a muffin.

We started out with a big descent as we went through Kamloops, but it wasn't so bad. Then onto the highway and it was straight all the way for 127 K.  It was cool this morning, but we had barely gone 10 K before I had to take my jacket off and slather on the sun screen.  We made excellent time on the first 50 K.  I rode with Jamie who is pointing out all the nature things along the way.  The wildlife, the birds, the clouds, the rocks.  She is a high school teacher and knows a lot.  Me - I was just happy to be riding!

We stopped at a fruit stand and had a snack - for me the rest of my wrap from the night before. We seemed to be getting a bit of a headwind and I thought - oh oh - we still have 80 K to go.  It's going to be a touch slog.  But in fact, the day went by very fast and the wind didn't seem to be a problem.  It's like the T-shirt that M made for me a couple of years ago - "it never gets easier - you just go faster!"   That's how it felt today.  My legs were strong, even though I felt like my knee was swollen.  Took some drugs and then it seemed to be OK. 

And my brain seemed to be just happy on the bike so when the brain and the body are happy - it's a really happy day!  Jamie and I met up at Fort Little and I had a liter of chocolate milk.  I was anticipating that for about 10K - thankfully they had some or I would have been very disappointed.

We have a great camp site for the evening.  And there was no fight for the showers. I must say that I was a mess when I arrived at camp.  Between the dirt and the bugs that were embedded in the sunscreen and the mysterious yellow stuff that appears on my legs - must be pollen, I was happy to have a shower and get into some non sweaty clothes. Many of the others (all the new people) went for a swim in the lake or took their time to get to the shower. Me?  I get to camp, grab the tent, put it up, then hit the showers.

It looks like it might rain - there is thunder happening and we've had a few spits of rain, but nothing much so far.

The route today was pretty flat - well - there was ups and downs, but no major climbs. We followed the river through the valley and well - it was just a glorious day.  The only wildlife that I spotted was dead alongside the road! 

I'm happy to report that  my legs are feeling stronger - much stronger than last week and that's a good thing.  We still have some major climbing to do so better get rested up.

Have a great day!!!


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