Friday, May 12, 2017

Another one bites the dust!

It would appear that the moment that I get one quilt out the door, the next one comes barging in!  Yep - got confirmation of ANOTHER quilt that has a deadline - June 16.  Don't even have the fabric - I'll get it cut this afternoon. Thankfully the fabric has arrived in the warehouse!

However, I'm getting good at getting things done. And with the exception of labels (tacking on my business card is as good a label as my quilts are getting these days!), I'm getting them done. One was finished yesterday and it's now on its way to Spring Market in the crate which left yesterday.

I got this one quilted last night. Don't be silly - of course, you can't see it! But here's the back.

Magazine quilt - quilted!

While I was piecing this quilt, I was wondering how to quilt it.  The fabrics are quite busy, pretty but busy. What to do?  What to do??  Should it be custom quilted? What color thread?

As I was putting the last of it together, I decided that it needed a pantograph or overall design.  Whatever quilting I would put on it would be lost in the fabrics, so why bother. Time was also a factor. As for the color of thread?  Oh god - I used invisible thread.  I know - I used to hate invisible thread, but I popped invisible on the top, some pre-wound bobbins in the bobbin and I was away. Barely any adjustments on the long arm - well I did loosen the top tension and adjust the bottom ever so slightly, but it was easy.

Close up of the quilting
Then off to bed and YES - I broke my rule. It was after 9 PM when I closed up shop.

Up nice and early this morning and in two hours, I got the quilt trimmed, made the binding, stitched it down (front and back), made the sleeve and pinned it on. I'm going to hand stitch the binding this morning and get the quilt in a FedEx box before 3 today.  DONE!!!!

I have to say that my binding skills are getting better - it's like anything - the more you do, the better you become.

Binding - DONE!

Let's see - that leaves one more quilt top to be finished, quilted and bound before Wednesday AM. One more top to mess around with, but if I don't complete it, that's OK - at least the concept will be apparent with a few more rows. That's also for Wednesday morning. One more quilt to bind that someone else is quilting. Let's not forget my 3-D project that I think I might be able to eek out and lastly, the QUILTsocial posts which I'm formulating in my head as I'm working.  All by Wednesday AM?  Oh yes - I've NOTHING scheduled this weekend!

On that note, I'm out of here. Got loads to do.

Have a super day!


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