Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

I guess I had better remember to call my Mom today or I'll be in trouble.  Funny how they sometimes seem so above the Mother's Day thing, but god forbid if you forget to call!  That's the same with birthdays and anniversarys!  Those dates are embedded in my brain!

It would appear that Lexi and Murphy were up to no good last night as I see Lexi has posted something this morning. Those two girls are just big trouble makers!

Speaking of being a Mom, my kid now lives in Vancouver and seems to be liking it there.  Just have to figure out a way to get all of her stuff that is in our house out to her (or pitch it!). Here's a recent picture that she had taken.


And Little Bear

Yep - that's her teeny weeny dog. Murphy would have a hay day with that little dog.

So I got a package in the mail this past week. I love how it was addressed. Can you see?  Didn't have my name on the package - nope - addressed to Mom!  I love it!!!!

Addressed to MOM

And this is the coolest card - Mother's Day card with a gold bike!  I love the card - thanks kiddo!

Cool Mother's Day card
 And I got a bike charm and bike napkins.

Bike themed goodies

Now those napkins will get used!  Again - what is the point of having this stuff if it doesn't get used!  Enjoy the moment and move on!

DH wanted to take me out for brunch, but there is NO TIME for brunch.  I don't know why people feel obligated to eat out on Mother's Day - I mean the brunch thing.  I don't really care, we have our weekly date dinner and I'm OK with that. What I want today is time to work on what I'm supposed to be working on!

Yesterday was a super productive day. I got the quilt top finished and loaded on the long arm, ready to get started later today. I had come up with some quilting patterns, but then thought of another one this morning. Whatever it is, has to be quick as this quilt is BIG  (80" square) and it has to be in a suitcase on Wednesday morning with the binding attached. The sleeve can be hand stitched or pinned when we arrive.

Quilt is loaded
 I also got the binding done for the other quilt that I will get back from the long arm quilter tomorrow so that one can be finished tomorrow.

Binding prepped
 I did get part of the next row on that "nice to have" project.  It didn't take that long so that was good. If I could get two more rows on, I would be very happy.

I zipped out for a couple of hours yesterday to buy supplies for that 3-D project.  It was funny as I ran into someone I knew at all three places.  That never happens!

Then back home and got most of the bits cut out and a wee bit of work done on it. It's still on the fence whether it will get finished in time or not.

3-D project - cut out

And last, but not least, I took a ton of photos, edited 57 of them and they are uploaded to the QUILTsocial blog posts. Now to fill in the text. That is the big job of today.

I was super happy with my progress and don't feel any stress. I'm wondering if that is a good thing or a bad thing?

I also decided to dump the photos from my camera card (all 6,058) of them (in one year) to the hard drive of the other computer. Yes - I'm typing this on the laptop!

They will need to be sorted and tagged and probably many of them need to be deleted as they have served their purpose. I might try to do a few every day - again there aren't a lot of topics and they can be moved as groups - dogs, quilt shows, blog pictures, etc. And since they tend to be in groups, that makes it even easier. Heck - I might even get the class photos done!

I have quite a few appointments during the Spring Market and as I'm working, I'm planning out those appointments.  There is one that is a bit different from the others and this is where keeping pictures of all your work becomes important.  As I was transferring some pictures from one computer to the other yesterday, I found some that I was looking for.  Now the key is to assemble them all in one place (iPad is preferable) so they can be shown. BUT this task would be so much easier if all my pictures were in one place, tagged and sorted.  Oh well - if life were that easy, where would be the fun?

On that note, I'm out of here to take a few more photos and get writing!

Have a super Mother's Day!!!!


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