Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What a novel idea!

Despite the fact that I've moved my big computer up to the office and despite the fact that I complain bitterly about the S L O W  speed of the laptop, I continue to use it. So yesterday when I finished the blog, I moved my chair in front of the big computer so I would be reminded to use the other computer this morning. And here I am on the other computer which needed to be rebooted this morning after installing updates.  I just can't seem to win!   And of course, this keyboard is different than the laptop so I need to move that pinkie over just a titch more in order to get the caps! Now I'm surrounded by computers and laptops with three of them going at once!

I'm going to update the photo editing software as well and then I should be good to go.  

While I was in Paducah, I came across my favourite bookseller.  I've mentioned them before and gosh - I don't even know their name, but they have all kinds of back issues of some of the magazines which I need to take inventory of. But guess who I saw?  Yes - those quilt novel authors that I had met at Road to California. 

I really enjoyed the mystery series  - well the first book, which we are unable to get through the library and the library won't order "old" books.  I bought the second one. I think I will donate these books to my guild library as I certainly won't read them again and I don't want the darn things taking up valuable room on my bookcase (OK - the real reason is that someone will have to dust them - no not that either!).  Nope - once I read a book, it's gone because I'm trying to make every effort to get rid of things that I no longer need or want. 

Someone talked about hitting their closet and I was thinking the same thing.  I did that a number of years ago and since I haven't really bought much since then, it wouldn't take that long to go through everything and get rid of what I don't wear.   That will have to be a July job as my schedule is pretty packed until then. 

Book 2 of the Harriet Truman/Loose Threads series

Arlene Sachitano is the author of the Harriet Truman/Loose Threads series.  Harriet is a long arm quilter and the genre of the book is a mystery.  I quite liked the book. In the picture below, Harriet is holding her 10th book which was just released.

The second author that I met at Road to California is Patience Griffin.  She writes about the quilters in Scotland. The books are romance and a touch racey!  I mentioned that to her and that is what her publisher wanted!  I hate when that happens.  I liked the premise of her books and those one (go figure) are available through the library! Anyway - it was good to see her again and she was all cute in her Scottish outfit.

A third author was with these two. Her name is Marie Bostwick.  She also writes quilt novels and I have one of them which I have never read!  Oh - I better get that out and read it.
A Single Thread by Marie Bostwick

And here are the three authors.......

Marie, Patience and Arlene

I have to say that I'm bogged down in my reading right now.  I'm reading Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker by Jennifer Chiaverini.  It's not about quilting, but Jennifer has written a lot of quilt novels.  Too much politics?  Too much going on right now?  I'm not sure, but I might have to abandon it!  (GASP!)   It is taking forever to read and not for lack of time.

On that note, I'm out of here.  Got an appointment (at last) to get my snow tires removed. This is why I hate them - a pain to maintain and store (I know - the practical side of things!) but the car is overdue for a tune-up so I can't wait any longer!

Have a super day!!!!


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