Friday, April 28, 2023

From clutter to treasure!

Thanks again for the comments -- I MUST answer them individually! There is NO customer quilt today. By the time I got home, I decided I had some wiggle room in my calendar and could push off one of the quilts on the list. Actually, only TWO more need to be done before I leave on Monday, and I have three days. 

I was going to start the quilt in the morning but decided that paperwork was more important. And for some reason, I was digging through the crap on the second desk in my office, and guess what? I found a book that I had been looking for for months. Yeah!!! 

My lost book

I have a plan for this book, and now that I found it, I just found a new project! I bet if I dig a little deeper, I would find the other missing book. OH -- I remember; I was looking for a box of jewelry that I think got put on that desktop. I know -- when things don't have a place, they get "lost." I'm trying to remedy that, and I need to take some time to at least sort out some crap and get rid of it from that desktop. 

So many little hiding spots! I'll have another look on that desk today for the jewelry -- I'd like to find the box. 

After some paperwork, it was time to pack for the trunk show. Amazing how MANY quilts fit into those two suitcases! OK -- so they spilled out into two totes as well. 

Packed for the trunk show

And someone wanted to come with me, but alas, she had to stay home. I think it was enough excitement that she jumped in the car to check it out. 

MOM -- I'm coming for show and tell!

Oh my goodness --- I had so much fun at the guild talk yesterday. I can't remember when I had so much fun speaking to a group! It was the Simcoe County Quilter's Group in Barrie, and I met up with two people I haven't seen in a while and two people that I know quite well from Zoom, so that was super exciting!

The meeting ran late, partially because of me, and there was a major accident on the way home, and Google Maps tried to take me off the highway, but I wouldn't have anything to do with that as I was on the phone (hands-free), at the time, and before I got home, I had to stop and pick something up since I was in the car! 

I got to see a treasure yesterday. Someone brought in an old quilt top they had no use for. I'm not sure if they found it in an old trunk or if it was a friend or family member who found it. 

An old quilt top

I will confess at first glance that, it looks like a crazy quilt top. But when you look a little closer, it's made from Fortrel, polyester, or crimpoline (however you want to call it) -- 100%, and all the patterns are crazy! It must be from the 60s or 70s. 

Crazy quilt from Fortrel

Look at those patterns!

And it was hand stitched between all the pieces. My Mom had boring patterns or solids! 

Here's a picture of Lynn and me. We met on Zoom several years ago! 

Me and Lynn

Here's Marg and me in front of her 365-day quilt. I also met Marg through Zoom, and both she and Lynn continue to be in my Zoom classes. Marg --- I will get my 365-quilt done!!! Thanks for the inspiration. Her quilt is absolutely stunning and I can't wait to see mine!

Me and Marg

And I met Bernice, whom I've known for years as we used to belong to the Brampton Quilter's Guild. 

Bernice and me

And Linda and me, who I've also known for years and I think I first met her through the Brampton guild as well. 

Me and Linda

Both have moved away, but with Zoom, we continue to stay in touch! You have to love Zoom!!!!

And here is Marg's quilt in all its glory!!

Marg's 365-day quilt


I also didn't get in a second walk, but with all the packing and moving stuff around, I still walked close to 11 KM. 

After dinner, I played around with the embroidery software, and I SOLVED my problem. I'm not sure it's the best way, but I solved it nonetheless, and that's all that counts. 

And what did I pick up on my way home? An iRobot! Someone I know had bought a used one, and it didn't get used how it was intended, so I brought it home. The darn thing is rather large in diameter. She kindly had it charging all day, so when I got home and plugged it in, it went to work. 

MOM --- what's this thing? 

Murphy and Lexi were beyond themselves and were barking at it, so we didn't do too much with it yesterday. The second time I ran it to show DH, they were much better, and I bet they start going for rides if I don't watch them! Actually, both of them are too large to sit on it! 

So there are two instances of clutter in one person's home becoming a treasure in someone else's. Which fits in with Carolyn's comment about my thread. I aim to get it sorted, and then I will decide what to do with it. There are some that I will not give away --- who gives away pricing thread? Not at the price it is today. And at the rate I'm piecing, I may never get through that in my lifetime! 

But I want to play with the threads that I bought. Part of the problem is that there is so much and in such disarray that it discourages one from using it. Now that I know what I have, it will make it super easy to use. 

And while I tossed and turned last night (too excited from the day), I contemplated what to do with the last threads on the table. I've settled on buying more tubs from the dollar store and sorting them by weight -- one for 12, 30, and 40 weight respectively. Then I'll see what's left on the table, and it can go in the second small drawer unit. So I have a plan! 

I called my dad after dinner, and he was home! So we had quite a chat, and then I called my brother. Oh boy -- when your parents get old, they get some weird ideas, and he has one right now, which I want him to wait on. He's waited five years to do something we thought had been done, and now he wants to rush into it. NO -- wait until we are all together in four weeks, and then we can chat together since it involves all of us. Will he listen? I don't know - I can only hope my brother can divert him for four weeks!!!

My brother and SIL were taking him a birthday cake. They also got him a personalized license plate, and the cake is decorated like the plate. Do you know what it means? I'll give you a hint -- two words! 

Dad's birthday cake

When I talk to him, he is just like my grandfather, and I suppose I'm just like him. We see the wonderment in such small details! We are happy to putter for hours, trying to solve a puzzle. The only disappointing thing is that while my Dad understands computers and he understands CNC technology, he can't put that together with what I do! The digital cutters, my long arm, and my embroidery machine all run on that technology, but he never goes on about how "smart" I am, but he'll give credit to my two brothers for the tinkering they do! 

But, like many -- we don't say those things to the people who do them. I should ask my brother if he ever says anything about what I do. I think he needs to see it in person, as that would help him understand it better. I'm just going to leave it as it is! It's not anything to get uptight about! 

Like my grandfather, he has intentions of making it to 100! And they are stubborn, and that good prairies background, so let's see what happens! 

I don't drive the car much, and honestly, I would NEVER consider using the car for errands again. If I have to carry something heavy or go for a distance, then yes. But the hassle of parking and getting in and out of crowded parking lots? Nope -- walking is probably just as fast for my local errands, and almost everything I need is close enough to walk to! We sure picked a good location when we moved here! I have a LOT of errands today, and I must get that quilt done and the next one (which is a big one) loaded so I can get it all done tomorrow. 

I only have TWO presentations all weekend -- wow, but don't forget that we have a Virtual Retreat. 

Saturday, April 29, starting at 6 PM

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 892 5423 3911 Passcode: 982797

Sunday, April 30, starting at Noon EST

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 861 1959 8156
Passcode: 053861

Plus, I must unpack those suitcases and finish packing for the retreat. Then I need to pack for two trips in May, and I still need to make some samples. 

Have a super day!!!



  1. I wish more of my errands were walkable. My library is 1 mile and that's fantastic. Taking the scenic route home I get 3 miles total!

  2. I live 5 miles from the nearest grocery store. I remember as a kid, riding my horse down to the store just to get a soda and a candy bar. It would take several hours. That's a trip down memory lane!