Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Quilting a hand-embroidered quilt

OH -- I just remembered that I need to take pictures of the pouches. Tomorrow -- I promise!

Well, the clock is ticking on my Virtual Challenge -- I've less than 100 KM to finish it off, and of course, there is an issue with syncing the data, so I have to make a manual adjustment later today. I will make my goal! And even if I'm one day late, it's no big deal, but still -- it's the principal of the matter!

Another great Zoom on the mySewnet software. It's quite silly, actually, because there's so much that I NEED to know because I'm trying all kinds of stuff for me, and if I don't know, I get out those manuals, and I'm learning. That's my lunchtime reading now. It's so handy to put them on the iPad, and now that I know how to store the manuals on my iPad in an organized fashion, there are a "few" more that I want to download. 

Some paperwork got accomplished, but I like to do that in the morning, and Zoom took priority. So I hope to get a bit more up-to-date this morning and tomorrow when I have NO Zoom calls. 

I got a fair amount of tidying done in Studio B, which makes me very happy. I have a lot that needs to be sewn, but I'll also feel better once this mess is a bit cleaner. I have pretty much tackled all that was from the trips, but now I'm going further. I'm tackling things that have been sitting around for a while -- it's time to deal with it. 

I put away fabric from TWO projects. I still need the background and the binding for this one, but the rest got sorted and put away. I sorted out all the scraps; they are now in their appropriate places, and the yardage was also put away. The basket is still there with the background and the binding, but it looks neater! 

Soring the remains of a project

The other project was my 150 Canadian Women, which was put away the day before. So it still seems there is a lot on the cutting table, but it's only along the front; there's not much behind. And hopefully, by the end of today, it'll be much better!

Progress on the cutting table

And I made great progress on the stuff on the floor. 

Progress on the stuff on the floor as well

I added TWO small tasks to my retreat bag, and whatever else you don't see got put away. I LOVE doing this, and if I can tackle everything that is sitting out? That would be great, but I suspect that won't happen completely. I seem to have a thing about getting that cutting table PERFECTLY clear. 

I got another customer quilt done. 

Customer quilt - DONE

And take a close look at the blocks. They are impeccably hand-embroidered. 

Hand-embroidered blocks

The hand embroidery was done by the grandmother, and I believe the granddaughter did all the crayoning, which is stunning!  

The blocks are crayoned

We chatted about whether this needed to be custom quilted or not. Let's face it --- that would take a lot of work (money), and how the heck would you really do justice to those blocks? So I used a white thread and a simple panto, and it's done! I would do the same to one of my quilts. 

There was ZERO issue with the hand stitching (it was impeccable), so I babysat it a bit more than I would normally, but once I realized the quality of the work, it was definitely a non-issue. 

I have a "few" quilts lined up to get done before the retreat, so there will be NO slacking in the quilting department over the next two weeks. 

So it was cool yesterday, and when I went for my afternoon walk, I bundled up in my winter jacket and sandals! However, I pulled out a pair of my hiking socks. I thought my feet would be cold, but I felt NOTHING -- no wind penetrated those socks. Good grief -- if they are that warm in sandals in 3-degree temperatures -- I do NOT need that kind of sock for my hike in Spain in August. 

Those are socks that I purchased last year, and they are WAY too heavy for my hot feet! See -- I am learning so much when I set my mind to it. 

WARM socks and sandals

We even had sleet or snow on the way home from my walk, and my feet were nice and toasty!

A freak snow squall

I had gone to the mall to do an errand for DH, and while there, I decided to make an appointment with the optimist. My last appointment was in August 2021, so I'm on schedule with my eyes. I wanted to get a copy of my prescription so I could order some new glasses online at those places that are popping up that are much cheaper than we've been paying. I don't want to spend much money when I'm careless with my glasses. 

Imagine my surprise when I went down the hall to the optometrist (part of Lenscrafters), and there was a Specsavers store! So I stopped in to chat and then made my appointment, where they gave me my current prescription - no questions asked -- not sure if the measurements are on it -- I didn't check yet. 

So I'll go back on Saturday. I don't want fancy glasses; I just want resilient ones. But I like the spare set that I found in the drawer. They are much tighter than the pair I lost (I never pursued finding them), and I can see just fine in them. We'll see if the optometrist agrees that I need a new prescription. I haven't had a new one in years, as the changes were never enough to warrant buying new glasses.

And I spotted this glorious hat in a store. I thought they might have orange headbands, but they did not! 

Orange sunhat

I did not buy the hat because I look hideous (in my opinion) in hats, but it is cool. Perhaps I could wear that on my hike? It'd be pretty memorable!

When I got up this morning, the girls were in the living room in their respective beds - I didn't check. But within five minutes of me sitting at the computer, they have moved in with me and are pretty happy to sleep! Of course, Lexi is watching me from the corner of her eye without moving her head! These dogs are both creepy!

Well, I have to do another trunk show next week, and I just unpacked those darn suitcases with the same quilts. I guess it's time to pack it up again! So it's on April 27th for the Simcoe County Quilt Guild. They meet in the afternoon from 1 - 3 in Minesing. The topic is SCRAP quilts, and I would bet they welcome guests!!!

Well, I'm off to spin class again this morning. Monday was so quiet in the class as all three vocal people were not there. I could hardly believe my luck! I've moved to the opposite side of the room and LOVE it there, so I'm glad I moved. Everyone seemed to just come in and sit down right by the door, and it was getting crowded! I'm spreading the wealth of bodies in the room! 

Pouch pictures - tomorrow because you need to know the difference between the two that I have. 

On that note, I'm out of here!

Have a super day!!!



  1. I was wondering if custom orthopedic inserts for your shoes would be advantageous, measured properly to your feet by a professional , for your Camino trip. I had plantar fasciitis previously and had to get professional shoe inserts and they took the pressure off my heels. What a difference it made. Laura

  2. Your green and blue scraps are so pretty! That orange hat is you, you need that!🤗🥰