Sunday, April 16, 2023

Remedial classes work!

There are two presentations today, and both are ready to go! You have to love that, and then once they are done at noon -- I'm done! I don't have ANYTHING to prepare for tomorrow. Well, that's not true - I have a software class in the evening, so I need to review the topic and ensure the files are in the right spot, etc. 

It seems to be a never-ending process, but the more I use the tools, the faster I become. The more knowledge I learn, the better I become at teaching! As a matter of fact, all of what I teach, I learned BECAUSE I committed to teaching a class. Yep --- I learn by doing!

We had three excellent classes yesterday, and so exciting to see the homework.

But I will return to Friday night when we had our Jen Kingwell remedial class. Remedial may not be the correct name, but it works for us! Over the last couple of years, I've taught several of the Jen Kingwell quilts - Long Time (twice), Boho Heart, Wanderer's Wife (formerly known as Gypsy Wife), and Sweet Tea and Green Beans. Many people signed up for the classes, and some signed up for all! 

A lot of people completed their quilt tops and even got them quilted. However, a few didn't quite make the final show and tell, and I would hate to see them end up as UFOs. So I started the Jen Kingwell remedial class, and it's working!!

This past month, we have THREE completed tops and ONE completed quilt. Have a look. I believe this is the first month since we started that we have completed quilts and quilt tops. 

Like many of us, Jackie started making the quilt like the pattern until one person decided to add to the top and the sides to balance the quilt out. So Jackie had to remove the top background, extend it by 6 inches, and then sew it back together. It wasn't that onerous of a task, but it did take time. 

And here's her completed quilt top. 

Jackie's Boho Heart

OK --- here's a picture, complete with the additional side strips! Great job - Jackie, and it feels good to get it done! She used scraps for the blocks, and it looks amazing!

The strips are now added to the sides

Loretta came from nowhere with her completed top. We had seen a few blocks here and there, and then POOF --- there's a complete top. 

One of the advantages of delaying the process is that she didn't have to remove the top to add the extra --- she just added it as she assembled it. I LOVE the colors in this, and she did an amazing job arranging everything. Way to go, Loretta!!

Loretta's Boho Heart

And Sonya finished her top as well. You have to love all those reds and inks -- a great job of using one color family. Sonya also added to the top and the sides. Once she got backing the groove, this went together in no time! 

Sonya's Boho Heart

And here's my completed quilt. It's bound, and I am thrilled with the colors. It looks dark on one half because of the lighting I took the picture in. As you can see, I extended the top and added extra to the sides. This pattern needed the extensions, and I'm surprised that no one said anything until after we had cut our background! 


We'll just blame all the extra hard work on Gillian, as she was the one that started the trend. Speaking of Gillian, while she's not participating in the remedial class, she used the UFO group to get her Boho Heart quilted and bound. I LOVE the heart pantograph that she used to quilt it!

Gillian's Boho Heart

So one by one, these quilts will get completed! Once people are done (well, they may want to stay until they get those quilt tops quilted!), they no longer have to attend the class. However, some want to because they learn from what others are doing! It's a great opportunity. However, I still hope that I'll be alone at the last class in December as I finish the binding on my Green Tea quilt. I don't think either will happen!

On that note, I have to get the girls walked, so I can be back in time to open the Zoom call for UFO at 9 AM. 

Have a super day!!!


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