Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bags, bags and more bags!

Hmmmm - I thought we were quilters? There seems to be a LOT of bag making going on!  Well - bags are cute, fun, practical and make excellent gifts!!

Yesterday was Monday and we had a blast at Monday. Hmmm - I can't think of one day when I didn't have fun!  Always so much creativity going on in that room. I came home so inspired to keep sewing, but alas - once I took care of the girls (my old neurotic girls), did a few errands and well - my inspiration has died by then.

But have a look at what we did yesterday - so much fun!!!!

If you have been following the blog then you know Jan - well you should know this quilt. Jan was part of the Vintage Moments class (the year long project at The Hobby Horse this year).  She came to a Monday a couple of weeks ago and well - she was whining about this quilt. The borders didn't go on right - whine whine whine!!!   I made her take part of it apart!  Hey - if you DO NOT measure - I will make you take it apart!!!!   So it is all back together and looks AWESOME. It was so worth it to take apart, fix and put back together.  But we have a new sign because of Jan. Well not a new sign - just one that I resurrected.  Can you read what it says????   NO WHINING!!!!

Jan with her gorgeous Vintage Moments quilt (and her NO WHINING sign)

I think Jan is just a sucker for punishment. Look at what else she is doing........

Do you recognize these blocks?????   YES - they are the latest Bonnie Hunter mystery!

And by the end of the day - she had both Clue One and Clue Two - DONE!!!!

Of course, Tish and I were doing high fives because we ARE not doing this quilt.  I don't even have the slightest urge to make this quilt. Three (not finished) Bonnie Hunter mysteries were plenty for me.

Now back to the Chubby Charmer. Some of the Monday ladies brought in their bags to finish them up.

Mary - so patriotic looking!!!!   But it is gorgeous and I still LOVE those dots on the inside!

She even has the "election sign" bag bottom all covered.  Beautiful job Mary!

Maria also finished hers including the bag bottom. This is just the neatest fabric!!

Here is Lynn's which we didn't see yesterday - she is all done as well including the bag bottom. 
 Hmmmm - I think that means that everyone finished their bags. Now that I think about it - no there are still a couple who are not quite complete and I have my two two to work on.

Maria finished the last of her three small duffle bags. These are just too cute!!!!  I have a feeling we are going to see a lot more of these duffles in the weeks to come. 

Claudette was working on a pillow case to match a quilt that she made for a grand daughter. She just used up all her scraps to make the pillow case. Pretty cool!!!!

Judith was finishing up an applique wall hanging for her daughter

Look at Karen's box of sewing machine feet.  Hey - I have mine in a plastic case too - but Karen's are so neatly labelled.  I am very impressed and she has feet that I don't have. Hmmm - I think I know where to go if I want to try before I buy!

So there was a little problem with yesterday.  I set up at a table that accommodates TWO people.  I started out the day with Diane. At about the time that Diane finished with her machine work and switched to hand sewing, Joyce arrived. So Diane gave up her spot, sat at the corner of another table and Joyce set up her machine. Joyce did her work and then had to leave for her exercise class. So the other Joyce who was doing hand work moved into the spot. Only to have to leave for a family situation mere minutes into getting settled. Can you believe - I went through THREE sewing buddies in one day!!!!   Not sure what happened - I did have a shower in the morning!!!

The hard to fill spot!!!!!
 But while my neighbours were moving in and out faster than a speeding bullet - I managed to get a lot done.

The binding (which was made) got sewn on this quilt

I darned a pair of hand knit socks

Made the backing and the binding for this quilt

Made the binding for this quilt.  Hmmm - I had two choices of fabric - the blue or the green. I think at home, I had decided on the blue, but took both and then grabbed the green. Now that I think of it - with the blue back - the blue was probably the better choice. Too late - the binding is made!!!!!

And then home and off to the long arm (after I took my girls for their walk)

Customer quilt - DONE

Nice and cozy with plush on the back

So far, the studio has remained in pretty good shape.  I have embroidery club tomorrow and LOOK - I don`t even have to clear a thing off the tables. They are ready!!!!

Nice clean work surface!!!!

The other areas aren`t that bad either. I did some knitting last night. I had to cast on using long tail (which is new to me). I sat with my book (excellent book -  I`ll post tomorrow) and played with the yarn and next thing I knew - I was casting on and it looks great!!!!   Had some video to watch so I got a bit of knitting done.  I`m not ready to share my project yet, but it looks awesome. I am so pleased.   It is part of a knit-a-long so I have a deadline and I need to get it done by Friday AM.   Then back to the afghan!

On that note - I have another quilt to load on the long arm this morning (and then some fun time) and I had better get moving.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!


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