Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Idle hands!!!

OK - so technically not idle but I'm sitting on my butt a lot!!!

I am not making ANY progress towards getting those ten items done before midnight TONIGHT!!!   Nope - haven't even got one done!  I may force myself to do those on Mondays until they are done. But I did make progress on one of them.

I got more of the strips together. But I wasn't happy with this one so I ripped it out. There were about four others that I had to rip out as well. GRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!   But that's all good - just sucked it up and ripped.

Curvy strip

Straight strip

And now they were all sewn in fours

Now in groups of twelve. Oh crud - the top one was a bit too curvy for me

So another rip out and now it is better!!!!

OK - now time to cut!!!!

Well I did get more done, but I forgot to take a picture and now it is all tidied up to make some room for the embroidery group.  I will take a picture later.

Look who was here to help me!!!!

Then I had some errands to run and then off to see the movie "Wild" with Lynn.  The theatre was crazy busy. I read the book a while back.  Oh my gosh - what a movie.  Based on a true story - you just wonder how someone could be so messed up to do what she did. But she survived!!!!   She did NOT quit.  Obviously she had a lot of mental strength, but just didn't believe in herself.  Anyway - I thought it was a great movie.

Back home and time to get to work. But I didn't feel like sewing. I am determined to get my photos in shape. I am determined to learn Lightroom (for organizing) the photos and Photoshop (for editing) (note NOT Photoshop Elements - why not go all the way!!!!!!

If I can learn all that I did by reading the sewing machine manual - how hard can these programs be????
I started by getting a book from the library (of course). It is broken down into lessons - OK - I can do this. I downloaded all the files for the lessons. Program software are downloaded and ready to go as well.
Book on Lightroom and Photoshop
I started to read and got to Page 14 (about 6 pages into Chapter One).  This talks about setting up the catalogue into which you place your photos.  ACK!  I knew it - BEFORE I can do anything - the photos MUST MUST MUST be organized into some kind of file structure. Deep down I have known that for months and I've been avoiding the issue.  I can still go ahead and do the lessons, but seriously - I might as well bit the bullet and get this mess cleaned up.

My computer hidden amongst the sewing projects

On top of it - the computer is running Windows 8.1 which I am NOT familiar with.  OK - let's get a cup of tea and dive right in!!!!   I must say that in the couple of hours that I worked, I made GREAT progress.  I am really really happy with what I've got done.  There is a "bit" more work, but at least they seem to be (more or less) by year. So that is a huge start, but I had sub folders and sub sub folders and even sub sub sub folders with meaningless names, DUPLICATES like crazy and well - a total mess.

In case anyone wants to organize photos - I have everything on an external hard disk which is devoted to photos. I created a folder called Photographs. Within that folder, I created sub folders by year. Then within year - the photos are in folders - mostly by date taken, but some were already grouped by "vacation" or whatever and I left them that way. But if it was a vacation in the year 2005 - I called the sub folder 2005 - Saskatchewan - or something along those lines. NO sub sub folders.  Everything should be TWO clicks off the main branch.  I don't think I will run into issues with having those two different series of sub folders.  I will see how it goes for the rest of the organizing and see if I need to make any further changes.

Hard at work - but the fast computer, big screen makes it a snap to do!!!!!

Mary V "made" us sign up for some organizing thing. Every day, week, month for 2015 - there is a different topic. I did notice that one week - photos was the topic.  Yeah - like this mess could be cleaned up in one week!!!!   Well maybe - I am trying to push for a couple of days!!!   Bye bye sewing for a couple of days.  GOD - what happened to my focus?????   Well - all of these projects left to do can be done on Monday and Thursday sewing. I will just pack them up and put them in that basket. If I have NOTHING else to do at the church - I will have no choice but to work on those projects.   Oh shoot - I do have another bag that I need to get done for Monday. Oh well - there is always tomorrow!!!!!!!!

I am sure I will sew some more today - I can't see myself sitting in front of the computer all day.

On that note - I am out of here - we have embroidery this morning and I am ready to start my NEW project.

Have a great day!!!   (Hey - it is NEW YEAR'S EVE!!!!!)   Stay safe!!!


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