Thursday, December 18, 2014

Taco Time!!!!

Sorry - too much partying and no time for blogging yesterday and I am late today!!!!   Bear with me  - I'll catch up!

On Tuesday, we had our Quilting Inspirations class at Ruti's Needlebed. Every second month - we make a small table topper (so far we are using the book "Let's do Lunch from Atkinson Designs) and then the next month - we chat about thread colours and quilting ideas!!!   Wow - almost everyone who came had their homework done and they looked awesome.  Have a look...............

I won't post names as there are so many toppers and I did not write names down -   Have a good look at them.  It is very neat to see them altogether as you can get an idea of what happens when you change colour, BUT more interestingly is the VALUE.  Some of the table runners have dark backgrounds and it changes the look entirely of the piece!!!!   Pretty neat!!!!

Nice soft colours - could use ONE colour of thread on the entire piece if you wanted

Basted and ready to quilt

This is the second colourway that someone is doing - so they had their homework and started on the second table topper

A bit more contrast here - so I think we chose TWO colours of thread

A very busy print - great for concealing quilting designs.  One colour of thread is sufficient for the entire piece

Lots of contrast - we chose two different colours

Look at that dark background - such a different look!!!!

Softer colours - less contrast, but still enough to see the design. I think we went with two colours of thread

A fussy cut center - very high contrast, black thread works best on that border and center. We went with three colours on this one

Ooopsy - not quite done!!!

Very SOLID looking fabrics - three colours of thread

This is someone's piece from the first class - they are still working on the quilting!

High contrast - again two or three thread colours. I think we ended up using a metallic gold for a lot of the pieces since many were done with Christmas fabric and the gold looked awesome on the red and the green

Two colours of thread. That busy border and center fabric can hide a LOT of sins

The dark background on this one makes it look like a completely different table topper!!!!   You could get away with one colour of thread for this one. 

The gold thread for the entire project worked nice

That outer pink is the back of the backing

Very soft colours - again - very busy border/center print - hides everything!!!

This was made with different colourways of the SAME fabric

Basted and ready to go

Gold metallic for the entire piece - it will just blend in

Not happy with just one - this person made TWO

Gold works well here, but a pale colour for the background

We chatted about ideas for quilting and I realized that I forgot to get a picture of the sample from the store. No worries - I'll go back and get that later today.  Next month - we will see what they accomplished for the quilting!!!!   Can't wait.  NO - I don't have mine together - but I will.

As part of my organizing kick - I have things sorted into groups and within groups - piles. I'll show you tomorrow.   Good progress is being made but until I could get myself organized (well somewhat organized - a bit impossible to share my chaos with you).   More importantly - I FOUND what I was looking for.  It was a rather urgent (well not a tomorrow deadline) but it had to be done and I could not find it - but I found it this morning.  AH - I can rest easy now and get some lists together and move forward!!!!

On that note - I am off on a road trip AGAIN today!!!!   It was totally unplanned and at first I didn't want to go, but then I thought - what the heck! It is Christmas - time to enjoy life, party with friends and that is what I am doing!!!!

A LOT of stuff has been happening and I'll be back tomorrow with updates on a lot of areas!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!


Here are the rest of the pictures for the Taco table runner. These were from the Saturday class and were on my phone. I completely forgot about them.

This is the store sample

Close-up of the quilting - hard to see because Ruti matched the thread. 

Another one with the values in different positions -

Table runner from the first session

Next time - I will try to get them all together sooner!!!!


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