Sunday, December 7, 2014

Ready set SEW!!!!!

OK - there are some of  YOU that are serious about this goal setting business and then there are some - well not so much.  Look what I received from someone who shall remain nameless.

I have decided to take your advice re setting goals:
1. Locate notebook.  There are probably a dozen in the house.  I have a thing for them.
2. Settle for back of envelope
3. Look for pen with smooth flowy ink.  I like a nice fine point, black ink, roller ball.
4. Settle for Bic from under the table
5. Make tea to enjoy while setting goals & sit in comfortable, contemplative chair 
6. Dig out said chair from heap of clothes, clutter and pillows.
7. Find lint roller to clear kitty hair off chair.
8. Next 2 hours to be devoted to finding glasses 
9. Print big.  Don't really need glasses 
10.  Remake tea and settle into chair for goal setting 
11.  Check Facebook while waiting for goals to come to mind 
12.  Play Scrabble, and my other online games.
13.  Brief chair nap
14. Write first short-term goal.  "I will start goal setting tomorrow"
15. Fold envelope and leave on chair.
16. Enjoy glow of having set a manageable goal.

Done.  Thanks.  I feel better already.

HA HA - let's see how much this person gets done by the end of next year!  OK - she actually is a good producer - maybe she is just more disciplined than I am.

M has a pretty good head on her shoulders. We had a real heart to heart discussion yesterday about a rather delicate situation that I am dealing.with. Nothing bad or serious, but it involves making a tough decision and she and I talked about the options and well I have to agree with her. Tough to execute, but she gave me some good advice. Now I will work it around in my head and go from there.  Thanks M - I appreciate your insight. I love logic!!!!

She also shared with me her "to do" list that she creates every week. 

M's version of the "to do" list

She outlines the various areas where she has to do something - there doesn't seem to be a lot of room for FUN stuff. And then the bottom right is where she works the various tasks into her week around her classes, etc.   Hmmm - I see that makes sense.  Heck - I even have time set aside each week to do this (according to my on-line calendar). I am just not diligent at making that happen. So YES - I am going to implement something like this. I need to - I just hate being being the eight ball with stuff. I am much better than I was, but still have a long ways to go. 

Speaking of "flowy" pens - here is mine.  I had to buy a new one since I can't find the old one. I really need to go through the darn pens in the house and chuck them all.  I will work at that!!!

However I am happy to report that I did accomplish stuff yesterday. Quite happy about that. 

This quilt top is finally done!!!!! And I have the backing selected. 
Customer quilt - DONE

And then I had to get ready for my class today.  Eleven people - that is the maximum I can hold in my studio and so I was a busy bee. Actually I was hoping for a magician - someone who could wave a magic wand and make all the stuff disappear for a day. Alas - that did not happen and I had to move stuff.

Progress is being made

Table tops are being cleared
Election signs cleaned up

Kits being cut

And VOILA - we are in business for eleven to sew!!!!!
We are making The Chubby Charmer bag. I made up parts of TWO bags yesterday. See - I can get a lot done in a day if I just plan it right. And I have to say that when the floor isn't cluttered with stuff or chairs or whatever and the tables are clear to work - it is so freeing.  So yes - when everyone leaves today - I am going to try my best to NOT spread everything back out on the tables.   ACK - that is going to be so hard. But I am going to try.

While I was cleaning  - I came across this bag. Gosh - I started this bag MANY MANY MANY years ago.

Button Bush bag by ..............

 Ha - I have always called this the Button Bush bag, but the company is called The Button Bush Quilting Co. The pattern is called "Star Light star bright" Quilting Tote!!!!!   They are Canadian from BC.

Look - all the stuff is in the project box - three pieces of fabric for the lining, the handles - the whole thing.  

 Of course - I would do stuff a bit differently now and so I can comfort myself by saying that I am more experienced now and will do a better job of finishing off the project!!!!

Right - isn't that right?????

Oh yes - let's not forget my class that I taught yesterday morning at Ruti's Needlebed - the quilting inspirations class.  Wow - the class had done their homework. They had tons of questions and everyone including me went away from the class with tons of information swirling in their heads!!!!   I love when the class is that involved  -  super questions, it was awesome!!!!!!

On that note - I am off to get the rest of the day organized.  It is going to be insane around here!!!

Have a great day!!!!


  1. OMG I've got that bag on my 'to do list' too! After Christmas I'm going to do mine! Do post pics of yours when it's assembled. Your one busy woman!
    Thank you for the inspiring visit & I envy your fun filled busy day of laughter, with like minded people.

  2. Cynthia - when you get to work on your Chubby Charmer - here are a couple of changes we made. We did NOT put SIX layers of fusible fleece - just one on the outer part of the bag and decor bond (fusible interfacing) on the lining. Have fun!!!!