Thursday, April 13, 2017

Retreat - Day One

YES - I admit that taking TWO sewing retreats within two weeks of each other is decadent.  Totally decadent and some will view it as irresponsible.  Yep -  probably, but when the opportunity arose - I wasn't going to say no!  The next one isn't for a couple of months and sorry - but it's full with a waiting list.

While there are a few of us who have been on this retreat before, several people are new.  Oh my - they are so well trained - I want to come back with these girls next time!

I had advised people to pre-cut most if not all of the projects they want to work on as there isn't a lot of room for major cutting and if one person takes all the cutting space, it's tight for the rest of the group to work.

There is ZERO stuff on the cutting table.  Well - I've left my small ruler and rotary cutter there as I'm doing a lot of trimming.  I feel guilty!  I took a picture of the cutting table after ONE day and there literally is NOTHING on those cutting mats or the surrounding table - NOTHING.  It's fabulous!  Two people are sewing in the dining room, one person had to cancel and one other person is coming later so we have TONS of room.  I have my own table and I think I've died and gone to heaven. I'm so darn focused that I even forgot that I was supposed to blog this morning!

It's great to get to know a few more retreaters better than we knew them before. Again - a super group to be with.

Am I working??  You bet - I got two more projects advanced as much as I could yesterday.  I didn't bring quite enough fabric for one project in order to get it to the design wall stage and the other project needs to put it on the wall before I can move forward. That will be done at home.

So that was TWO projects done and in the finished bag.  Then I started on Fancy Forest - time to get one more set of blocks done and I managed to get my eight Thistle blocks done last night with NO cutting mishaps. That was super exciting and then because I had so much room on my table, I laid out the three projects that I want to work on today.

I slept upstairs as well which I don't normally do.  I'm all topsy-turvy on this retreat, but having a blast.

It was a tad chilly yesterday afternoon - dull and dreary and damp. Oh dear - I guess I had better figure out how to light the wood stove.  But WAIT - Shelly is here.  Shelly offered to light the fire. I love Shelly and soon we had a toasty fire that burned until we went to bed. This morning, the sun is out and the temperature is rising as we speak - it's going to be an awesome day.

One of the things that I love about this place is sewing in the sunshine. I sew in the basement at home, but here the sun is shining in all those windows in its glory and I'm in love! I love the bright light.

I've got my squash baking in the oven and going to cut up the rest of the veggies for the soup.  Too bad you couldn't be here to enjoy the soup and the retreat. Don't say I didn't offer!

As for the others - they are just as pumped as I am and I've got pictures.  I know I haven't even posted the pictures from the last retreat. It all takes time!

Off to finish making the soup!

Have a super day!!!!


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