Saturday, April 8, 2017

The beauty of batiks!

I love batiks. I have lots of batiks. I've done exchanges with batiks, I've made quilts with batiks. But there is one thing that I absolutely adore about batiks and I'll tell you in a few paragraphs.

I was at the guild meeting this past week. We had Sandy Lindal (The Scrappy Gal) as our speaker. Oh my - I've known Sandy for a long time or I should say, I've known of Sandy for a long time. Well, now I have someone to blame for all those darn 9-patch exchanges that I did years ago.  Apparently, she started it at her guild - York Heritage. I remember seeing those beautiful quilts hanging at one of their shows and I fell in love and well - the rest is history - almost. My 9-patches are sitting in boxes (three different ones) waiting for me to get off my butt and do something with them.  I think I've matured enough now that I can get over the fact that some of them are wonky. Find a pattern and sew the darn things together!!!

While at the guild, I chatted with a number of different people and it was when I was chatting to Helen Anne that the light bulb went off. POOF!!!!!!   I just had a fabulous idea.

Now I'm ready to tell you why I love batiks.

So remember my errant block that I posted a couple of days ago? I was going to have to take off the black/cream units on the corners as I didn't have any more of those fabrics.

One of these doesn't belong!

I hate to waste stuff - yes even as silly as these four strips.  Then it hit me - batiks are reversible and if I take the entire block apart and flip the fabrics over so the "wrong" side is showing, I can correct the block, nothing goes to waste.  Did it work???  You be the judge.

Almost fixed - 
 Good thing for taking pictures as I'm just noticing one more mistake!  I have to take the top black/cream unit apart and swap those parts as well. Then it will be fixed. I haven't sewn it together yet.

Isn't that funny that I can fix that darn block!  Thank goodness I used batiks!   Why didn't I think of that at the retreat?  Anyway - I can put this one back in the retreat bag and finish it off next week. And we have the final clue - so I could get some of that done at the retreat as well. Although I do have a fairly free weekend - AFTER our meeting on Modern Quilts this morning.   But I do have a lot of URGENT stuff that has to be prepped for the retreat and that is more important.

Here are a few more pictures of stuff from the retreat.  These are my blocks from Quilter's Patch that I'm teaching at the Hobby Horse.  The top left block was completely pieced, but the others were in bits and pieces as I get them to a certain stage for my class and then complete the blocks later.  I completed three blocks.

Blocks from Quilter's Patch

I was missing ONE piece of fabric so I couldn't quite finish this next block.

Almost done!

That missing piece is now cut and the next two blocks are also cut. I was going to work on them at the retreat and then I realized that one of the people coming is in my class.  Hopefully, she's a late riser and I'll get it done early one morning.

This quilt is going to be gorgeous and I'm going to see Edyta Sitar at Paducah. I'm going to let her know how much we're enjoying her quilt.

But it's all good.  I have a lot more sitting in those bags to unpack and that is my priority this weekend, but I also need to prep the next steps in those projects and get them ready for the retreat so it's going to be a busy afternoon.

On that note - have a super day and don't forget to come visit us this morning if you can.


 April 8  (Saturday) - West End Modern Quilt Guild (unofficial title!)   will be meeting from 10 AM - Noon.  This is the first meeting and we're trying to get a chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild started in the west end of the GTA.  The meeting will take place at Streetsville Kinsmen, 321 Queen Street, Streetsville.   Going to be an open discussion of the guild objectives, show n tell and how traditional quilts are the groundwork of the modern movement. A small fee will be charged to cover the room rental. E-mail me if you can't make it and want to be added to the e-mail list.

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