Friday, April 14, 2017

Retreat - Day Two

ACK -- retreats are just way too relaxing!  OK - that's not entirely true. It was my turn to make lunch yesterday and yes, I made my squash soup and veggie wraps from scratch. They were very tasty, but it took a lot of the morning to get the veggies cut and cooked.  No worries - I've got loads of time in the afternoon/evening to sew.

Did I ever say that EVERYTHING takes way longer than you would expect to sew?  Yesh!!!!   I'm working on Fancy Forest while I'm here. I would like to say that I'm working on something else as well, but I seem to spend a LOT of time with Fancy Forest.  I did manage to get one more group of animals completed (except for ONE missing piece of fabric). Now it's not that I'm missing the fabric - it's that I no longer have any of this and I don't have anything similar at home. Well - I could check again or I could stop at the quilt store tomorrow. Yep - I could stop at the quilt store tomorrow!

I've got the next set of animals marked - there is a TON of stitch and flip in this quilt. TONS!!!!   But the last two animals are prepped and ready to sew. Hopefully tonight, I can finish one more and then the last one? Tomorrow?

Shelly and Liz were both working on a baby quilt. One had bought a kit, the other had pulled fabric from their stash. They were both complaining about this baby quilt and when comparing notes, realized that it was the SAME pattern. They agonized a LOT over that pattern, but I'm happy to say that this afternoon BOTH of the quilt tops are done!  What was hilarious is that at lunch when they were complaining talking about the pattern, Ronda pipes up that she has made this quilt THREE times and even had a finished one here that she was sewing the binding on!  I guess it was one of those moments that you had to be there for.

And we had planned on having a bonfire with the leftover fabric scraps and the pattern. Now I'm not so sure what the plans are!

I went out for a walk before dinner last night. More like a forced march, but I managed the 6.5 KM in 61 minutes. The weather here is fabulous!   Not too hot, not too cold, although we've had frost on the cars in the morning. The sun is out and it's glorious!!!   I'm going to hate popping back home to my basement to sew!

So as usual, I'm making good progress, but everything takes so long to get done! However, every little bit helps, but I do have a couple more small projects that I would really really like to get done while I'm here, so I think tomorrow, it's time to shelve Fancy Forest and my Oh Canada bags and get down to real work!

Have a super, super day!!!


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