Sunday, April 2, 2017

The retreat - Day Three and Four

ACK ----   So busy sewing there was NO TIME for blogging.  Besides someone was in the kitchen where the computer is so I didn't want to disturb them.

Holy cow - wait until you see the pictures of what has been happening.  We are a production crew like no other.  The quilts that have been made, the laughs we've had - well there is nothing like a retreat to get your spirits up!  And we've eaten like kings!

Some of the girls have made several trips to Fabricland and the quilt store. I kept it all to a minimum - I didn't bother with Fabricland this time, but did make the quilt store TWICE!

As much as I like the retreats, it's always fun to go back home and I'm excited to go home and unpack knowing that I'm basically repacking for another retreat next week.  I know - don't ask!  There are a few projects where I was missing a piece of fabric - that will get cut and perhaps get sewn at home and not come back or it might.  But I'm also going to revise how much I bring - I really did go into only TWO project bags so I'm going to try and be a bit more realistic - I'm getting better!

I would say that almost EVERY project that I brought this time had flying geese, half square triangles or stitch and flip.  Seriously - EVERY project.  I'm kind of tired of that, but these have to be done!

I'm already figuring out what I'm bringing to the next one  - I think one new project is going to get put in the tote.

A couple of us went out for a walk yesterday.  We were out for 50 minutes - climbed that big hill by the retreat house. It was a glorious day yesterday and how could you not get out!  Might have to bring my bike next time.

I try to stay almost to the very end of the check-out time, but there is a quilt show on our way home and what better way to end a retreat than going to a quilt show!  

I've been up for hours so far today - all by myself in the sewing room. I'm making good progress on one project until I cut one piece the wrong way so that will have to be recut tonight and get sewn at home. Not bringing that one back here.

On that note - I've TWO hours left and I've still a LOT to get done.

Have a super super day!!!


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