Sunday, September 24, 2017

Birthday Bash - Day Three

I don't have a lot of time this morning.  I don't think there is much left on the battery on my laptop and we have a plane to catch!

It was hot again yesterday and it seemed to be hotter than the previous days as there was less breeze. But we survived!

It was JC Penny days in Hamilton. JC Penny was born in Hamilton in case you didn't know and one of the MSQC shops is called Pennys and the original sign from the JC Penny storefront is in that shop on the wall.

The fire department was putting on a pancake breakfast as part of the JCPenny days. It was a couple of blocks away and so I slipped away for that. Let's just say that those firemen know how to cook sausages and pancakes!!!!

Let me set the record straight - I did this AFTER our booth was set up.  We were out there at 7 AM to get our booth set up as we had to take down and set up each day.  Not a huge thing but we had to lash our quilts to our tent so that took a wee bit more time.  Then Patti went to the grocery store and I went for pancakes!

The main street was closed in the downtown area and lots of local vendors brought out their wares. Let's not forget that we are in middle America and there was a fellow there with guns - right out in the open for sale.  Rifles - lots and lots of rifles!!   I was amazed but then there were a couple of people from New York and they were amazed as well so I guess it's a middle America thing!  Some very cute things but there was NO space to ship or bring anything home!

Lots more people today but like all events, the last day is always the quietest.  As a result, we shut the booths down at 3 PM which was good. We had to decide which items were being brought back to Toronto on the plane and which items would get shipped.

And then we had time to go shopping!  Yeah because there was no time when we were in the booth the entire day and for the same time frame that the shops were open.  Let's just say that a few items found their way into my shopping bag and at the end, I qualified for all the free items which included a big plastic thread box.   Hmm - I only have my small suitcase with me and our boxes are packed.  No worries - I'll find a way.

Oh - I should mention that we chatted about buying a rifle and we could put it in our tent bag to bring home!  We thought it might not be a good idea to try and smuggle a gun across the border since we do not have paperwork!

I just threw all my bags into the car and we headed out for Des Moines to the airport.  When we arrived at the hotel, I repacked my bags and I was able to fit EVERYTHING into my little suitcase and my backpack.  I'm a good packer and trust me - I have three pairs of shoes with me, pants AND shorts!

I can't wait to get home and fondle it all - there was no time for that here.

Then we were out to have some cool beverages and a nice dinner where I actually had to put my NEW sweatshirt on my shoulders because it was just cool in the restaurant - not freezing cold, but cool.

It's still hot here - stinking hot, but then I think it's stinking hot at home as well!

We had loads of fun but WAIT - before you get too jealous - just remember that the day started at 7 AM with setting up the booth and officially ended at 5:30 once our booth was packed up and we had to stand in the heat all day. Then in the evening, I was off to do something else for the charity bakeoff!  It was exhausting but loads of fun and just the kind of thing that I love to do!!

Now back to reality.  I won't get home until later this afternoon and I've got a ton of fabric that has to be cut for tomorrow morning.  Yeah me!!!

On that note, I've got a plane to catch!

Have a great day!


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