Saturday, September 9, 2017

If only......

If only there were more hours in a day, I'd be in good shape. How many more hours?  Two or three?  Personally, I'd like more than two or three!  Did you know that there are ways to find time in your day?

  • If you spend a lot of time looking for things - then get better organized. 
  • Evaluate the major things you do in a day and ask yourself if those are the things that you really want to do while the things you would love to do sit waiting for those extra hours?  
    • Things like errands?  Do you really need to do them?  Can they be done online or not at all? Can you bundle them up so you spend one hour a week and do all the things in one area of the neighborhood? 
  • Are you doing way too much for your kids? We tried to make M pretty self sufficient at an early age.  Laundry? her problem and other things.  Why?  She needs to learn and I'm not doing her any favors by doing those tasks so I have less time for myself. 
  • Volunteer for a group that you get no satisfaction out of?  Why bother then?
You know - there are all kinds of ways that we can find lost time in our lives, but because most of us aren't selfish, we continue to do those things that we don't want to do.  It's time to get selfish!

I'm not sure where that came from!  I've pretty much done the above already so I'd be hard pressed to find more time, I just need to priortize better.  Should I read a book or should I sew?  I want to do both, but I have to choose.  That's hard!

Anyway, I guess that was to say that I missed yesterday's post because there were a few other things more important that had to be dealt with and they took priority.

I'll be reading and sewing today. I've got a ton of sewing to do, but I do want to finish that Anne Perry book.  Who really is the murderer?  She's a very good author and I love the Inspector Monk series.

I think you remember a while back I posted a picture of a kit that I had purchased from a shop who was selling a quilter's estate items.  It's a jewelry case.  Not that I really have time to be working on it, but I wanted to at least get the first step done.

Jewelry case kit
The kit is absolutely complete!  Right down to the snaps needed.  The cover of the kit is textured with texture magic. While I didn't need to do this, I thought why not?  So I marked all the grid lines on the texture magic this morning and picked the thread.  My goal is to get this part of it done today and see what I can manage for tomorrow.

Texture magic is marked and ready to sew
I've got bags to make, huge quantities of fabric to cut, blog posts to finish, quilts to quilt and well - it's going to be an exciting weekend!  Totally all about ME!!!!   The only thing I need to do is go to the bank to deposit a cheque which I can't do on my phone.  I could, but US funds cheques have to be done in person.  Hey, bank people - we need to change that!

I have no classes, no commitments, it's just me and the girls this weekend so it's going to be a super exciting time!!!

 I know several people who recently crossed off a bucket list item of traveling to the northern part of Canada. Shirley made it all the way to Tuktoyatuk which is a very remote part of Northern Canada bordered by the Beaufort Sea.  When I went 7 years ago, the only way was by boat or plane. Now there is a road. in the summer. That's exciting news for that community. The sad news is that the ice house which was such a cool place to visit is no longer open to the public because of the permafrost thawing. That is very sad!  Let's just say that our weather is becoming a very hot topic these days.   (here's a link to my old blog and the day that we visited Tuk).

Laura got to visit Yellowknife in the NWT. Being a quilter, she made it to the Quilted Raven and scooped up kits for the row by row..........................   (Shirley is also a quilter and also made it to this store!)

Laser cut kit for row by row

And a plate................

License plate for row by row

Thanks, Laura!!!!   Hey - I think I was supposed to get something from M, but that hasn't happened yet!

I'll have to do a count of the kits and plates that I accumulated for 2017.  It was significantly less than previous years which is good!

On that note, I'm out of here.  I'm going to finish enjoying my tea while I sneak in a few more pages of the book and then it's off to the studio to see what kind of damage I can do today! And I'll sit on the deck with the girls while I do that. Enjoy the morning and then get to work!

Have a super day!


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