Thursday, September 7, 2017

The end of an era!

I'm sure that everyone, even the new quilters are familiar with Nancy Zieman.  When I watched TV, I used to watch her shows all the time and I've bought her notions (although she doesn't own the notion company anymore).  I've used her techniques and she is a wonderful teacher and person, although I've never met her personally.

Nancy is retiring.  Here is the link to her personal farewell.  It's bittersweet.  Best of luck Nancy.

My friend Paul (a real character) and the one that co-wrote the article on retreats in the latest issue of Canadian Quilter magazine had an opportunity to be a guest on Nancy's show.  Have a peek at the segment.

This is also the week of the Wisconsin Quilt Expo which was originally started by Nancy!  Someday I plan to go, but not this year.  I have other plans which you'll hear about in a couple of weeks.

I"m a huge fan of EQ7.  What exactly is that?  It's a computer software program that allows you to download images of fabric and design quilts with it. These images are used for submissions of quilt designs to various magazines (the quilt has to be made later!) and we use the images for work all the time!  It's just the best software EVER!!!!   The even better part about it?  It's pretty darn easy to use and (knock on wood here!), I've not really had any issues with it. Like everything else, the more I use it, the more efficient I become!    Here's a link to QUILTsocial for an explanation on how to download the digital fabric files into your EQ7.  It's super easy!   And check out the rest of Christine's blog posts for this week.  She's making something out of one of my ALL-TIME favorite fabric collections - City Scene by Northcott.  It's available in stores NOW!  (comes in two colorways - the link is my favorite!)

Today is short - I have loads to do and I had better get my act together!

Have a great day!


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